A Report On Jp Morgan & Chase Corporation

JP Morgan & Chase provides local and national services. JP Morgan offers Institutional Asset Management, Investment Banking, Markets and Investor Services, Treasury Services, Private Banking, as well as Wealth Management and Brokerage. Chase offers the consumer banking services which includes credit cards, small businesses, home and auto loans, education finance, retirement etc. With commercial banking, JP Morgan & Chase has had the fifth largest commercial bank since 1836. However, they serve in global finances and are present in over 100 markets. The company is in its Growth Market Stage meaning it is still progressing.

JP Morgan & Chase analyses the company’s product, price, place and promotion. Their services are provided to investors, financial institutions, corporations, municipal entities and governments. In the capital market, the bank has services that advertise on corporate structure and strategy. Ultimately helping corporations raise capital in debt and equity markets. Treasury services which include transaction and products for trade finance. The markets and investor services include cash securities and derivative instruments. Consumer and business banking offers services such as deposit and investment products. For small businesses, the bank has payment solutions, deposits, cash management and loans. Mortgage banking provides all mortgage origination servicing home equity loans and residential mortgages. Credit cards are issued by the bank cater to consumer and small businesses. Various commercial card products provide payments services to public sector and corporate clients and payment processing services to merchant. Retail loans such as student loans and auto loans are provided as well.

JP Morgan & Chase follows competitive pricing, the bank charges a brokerage percentage on the different services it provides, for larger businesses the bank makes a larger profit. In the credit card segment, JP Morgan & Chase cuts prices to remain competitive, major competitors being Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo etc. This covers the JP Morgan marketing mix pricing strategy.

JP Morgan & Chase serves its consumers and businesses through several channels. Personal services like ATM’s are provided at branch locations. Chase also has online access to banking, mobile access and telephone access. With the online access, customers can create their accounts where they are able to access their savings, loans, credit and other information.

Most customers have chosen JP Morgan & Chase because of their long-standing reputation. Main marketing at JP Morgan & Chase is done through client relations. The bank kas a “Chase at Work” program where employees visit clients and give personalized services improving the relationship. The company also has a referral program that reward clients for getting referrals. JP Morgan & Chase uses social media for its promotions. Online ads are used, and the company site also acts as a promotional channel where services are advertised. The company only uses Facebook as a social media platform. Advertising on the company site is the most effective promotion tool. I would advise using ads on Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora to help increase clientele.

JP Morgan & Chase engages in Global Trade. Some legal and cultural things they should keep in mind to while handling global business are as such: Avoid the one-size-fits all approach, do not fail to identify regional and subcultural differences, refrain from ineffective diversity management. As for legally, the company may have to pay additional taxes and import duties in the U.S. Without proper legal advice, the company could be subject to fines and penalties. It is better to have international lawyers who have a firm stance of the laws in that country.

Using the transnational strategy would be the best strategy for JP Morgan & Chase. It refers to a set of planned actions defined by a company to have operations in markets abroad. The term applies to methods and structures that allows a firm to invite and maintain functions in foreign countries while preserving central coordination at one specific location.

“JPMorgan Chase delivered record revenue this quarter, demonstrating broad-based strength and the resilience of our business model despite a more challenging interest rate backdrop. In Consumer & Community Banking, we had strong deposit and client investment asset growth. Our consumer lending businesses benefited from our continued investments and a favorable environment for borrowers, which helped drive healthy volumes in Home Lending and Auto and strong loan growth in Card” says JP Morgan & Chase CEO and Chairman, Jamie Dimon. These are the results of the banks financial third quarter.  While both financial institutions provide services for wealth management and investment, Morgan would be the better banking choice as they have a long and strong history of wealth and investment banking.

As far as JP Morgan & Chase’s company outlook, I do agree with it. The main point in the outlook states, “The U.S. economy should slow down but not stall in 2019 due to fading fiscal stimulus, higher interest rates or lack of workers. Although employment falls, inflation should be fairly contained. The Central banks in the U.S. and abroad will strengthen their monetary policy in 2019. In the later stages of this cycle, investors may want to adopt a more conservative stance in their fixed income portfolios. Higher rates should limit multiple expansion, leaving earnings as the main driver of U.S. equity returns. With earnings growth set to slow, and volatility expected to rise, investors may want to focus on sectors that have historically derived a greater share of their total return from dividends. After a sharp fall in valuations in 2018, steady economic growth and less dollar strength may provide international equities some room to rebound in 2019. However, the climb will be bumpy and investors should ask themselves, in the short run, whether they have the right exposure within different regions and, in the long run, whether their exposure to international equities overall is adequate. There are significant risks to the outlook for 2019. The Federal Reserve may tighten too much; profit margins may come under pressure sooner than anticipated; trade tensions may escalate or diminish; and geopolitical strife may force oil prices higher. Timeless investing principles are especially relevant for investors in what appears to be the later stages of a market cycle. Investors may wish to tilt towards quality in portfolios along with an emphasis on diversification and rebalancing given higher levels of uncertainty”.

JP Morgan & Chase has taken all of the steps necessary when it comes to their overall performance. They have expanded globally, they have reached out to the community nationally, They offer online, mobile and over the phone services. The also offer commercial banking and investments banking. They analyze their growth and take the necessary steps for improvements.

16 December 2021
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