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The Role Of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) And Leisure In The Activity Department Of An Organization

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At Northgate Plaza, the activities department plays a big role in the facility for the residents. The department provides not only activities but different qualities of care for each and every resident. According to all requirements, the activity department is required to provide leisure activities, support, care, education, and more to better run the facility. All of these requirements contribute to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) which is a Nursing Home Reform Act that requires facilities to have a quality of care for all residents.

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Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) creates requirements and standards of quality care and rights residents should have in certified nursing homes. OBRA contributes to the Northgate activities department because the activities that the residents and I do help them better maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being which is required by the Act. In the activity department, I attend care plan meetings throughout the month. The meeting is very important because I talk to the residents and their family members about the quality of care they are receiving, and on the activity aspect side of it, I talk about what they do throughout the time they are living here. Also, it contributes to the department because not only do I show the quality of care but I set goals with the residents in care plans to maintain their well-being while trying to keep them active.

Another quality of care that contribute to activities are the resident council meetings. All residents have the right to participate in organizations and the right to talk about how they feel. That’s why in the department we have a resident council meeting every month. In the meetings the residents and I discuss the care and events going on in the facility. For example, we talk about Housekeeping, Nurses, CNA’s, Activities, Administration, and more. Like OBRA says each facility are required to provide these types of care in order to run a facility. So we have the meetings to discuss what’s wrong or going on in the building so we can better meet the needs of the residents. Also, the meetings let the residents have their rights and let them voice their opinions.

Last but not least in the activity department I am required to do assessments with the residents. The assessments allow me to see where residents stand when it comes to activities, and it helps me identify what activities they like. Participating in care plans, resident council, and assessments it all contributes to OBRA and the quality of care the residents should have while in the facility. If the residents have the quality of care than they could participate in leisure activities with the activity department. Leisure is important in the department because it provides ways to identify and explore activities while they are doing what they love.

The purpose of leisure helps the residents not only to be active but to have different experiences of activities, self-value, and to reduce stress levels. With all the activities that I do with the individuals, it all contributes to leisure. Sometimes there are pleasurable experiences like social activities that are provided. We usually have social birthday parties or even ice cream socials for the residents so that they can talk with friends, feel safe, and reminisce while having fun. There are other activities that we have weekly like arts & crafts, bingo, bowling, assisted chair Zumba, card games, and musical events, and more. Some of the activities are also done in-rooms which are called one on one. All these activities are considered to be social, expressions, and educational activities. Even sometimes throughout the months, there are different entertainers from the community that come out to sing or play. Then church groups come out on weekends to bring items for the residents and participate in activities with them. While these are considered daily living activities these are also considered to be leisure activities.

During this course, I expect to learn and grow more. I expect to be able to use what I learn to better help my department and residents more than I am now. The reason I decided to take the course is that I want to become an activity director for my facility. I love what I do and enjoy doing activities and being around my residents. There isn’t a day I would lead work unhappy because they know how to make me smile. So when I heard about the course and got offered the lead position I immediately signed up so I could continue to do what I love to do!

15 April 2020

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