Analysis Of Changsheng Biotechnology Vaccine Scandal

It is understandable that Hong Kong parents feel threatened by the surge in demand of inoculation from mainlanders since the supply of vaccines for locals may be affected. Nonetheless, the mainlanders are victims forced to seek alternatives after the vaccine scares in China. The purpose of this essay is to identify the driving forces behind the scandals and provide recommendations to the Chinese authorities to avoid similar incidents in the future.


Changsheng Biotechnology is yet another Chinese pharmaceutical firm found to have sold huge numbers of faulty vaccines, prompting public anger and distress. According to Wang (2018), China’s arduous screening system against foreign companies is one significant cause of the issue. It is cost-intensive for these companies to meet the requirement of a license due to the disparity between international and Chinese standards. This shows that China’s protectionist policies hinders the import of vaccines and people’s access to substitutions when domestic vaccines are possibly substandard. Also pointed out by Wang (2018) is the inadequacy of the vaccine surveillance system. Notably, Changsheng Biotechnology’s fraud was exposed only shortly after its license had been renewed. The government’s encouragement to Chinese companies allow them to monopolize the vaccine market. On top of that, loose regulations enforced on domestic products make it easy for companies to operate improper production of vaccines. RecommendationsIt is believed that if China opens the vaccine market to foreign corporations by easing the approval system, recurrence of scandals may be prevented.

Such measure is expected to trigger domestic companies to produce more effective vaccines that simultaneously meet safety standards. This will also enable people to opt for foreign vaccines if they are hesitant about China- made ones, albeit unwillingness to pay higher prices may exist. Furthermore, thorough inspection with shorter time intervals as well as stricter prosecution are necessary to restore public confidence. However, difficulties may be faced when these strategies are carried out in practical, given the political environment and corruptive atmosphere in China.

Learning Outcomes

Having analyzed the Changsheng Biotechnology vaccine scandal, I now realize that the occurrence of some negative incidents actually have their benefits. The exposure of the frauds acts as a deterrent to warn other corporations in the industry to reorganize the production processes and a motivator to improve their products adopting the knowledge gained from others’ mistakes. Most importantly, I have learnt that ethics and responsibility should be the top priorities when managing health-related matters. This understanding will be essential as a healthcare professional because we will be constantly working with patients who are vulnerable to any faulty procedure.

15 April 2020
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