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Analysis Of King Arthur’s Childhood

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The childhood of King Arthur consists of him being a squire to his olderbrother who is a knight named Sir Kay. He provided weapons and cleanedhis armor before and after any battle. He of course was weak, but he camefrom a strong family that serves the throne. He was born in Great Britainduring the medieval ages, he of course was chosen to wield the swordExcalibur which will grants him the throne to rule and lead Great Britain, butthat happens later in his life.

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As said before, Arthur came from a family that served the throne, so hehad a pretty simple and eventful life. His brother participated in a lot oftournaments that a lot of other knights from other houses compete againsteach other for wealth and glory among the land. Of course, he was tooyoung at the time so all he could do to support his brother is to help him winthe tournaments and give him the best weapons in their arsenal. Arthur was taught proper manners and can of course write and readwhich was really an uncommon skill to have in Great Britain. He had a lot offriends in his childhood and he respected them in his best way possiblewhich it earned him a lot of respect and loyalty among his friends.

Adultsrespected him as well because of his manners and discipline which are greatrequirements on being an amazing ruler. Arthur went in a lot of adventureswith his friends such as trying to find wizards in forests or going on anadventure in forests. He made logical decisions in his childhood which led him to be a squirefor his brother Sir Kay. He was a weak boy he could barely pick up a sword ora shield due to his size and age at the time. Overtime he acquired thestrength to carry a lot of armor and weapons to his brother’s aid. He wasagile therefore he could get more stuff in a short amount of time. Hisparents were of course proud of him being this intelligent, respectful toothers, and his ability to create plans and strategies to help his brother intournaments. He had a lot of toys growing up, he shared those toys with his friendsand never hogged any for himself. He was an open-minded person whichhelped a lot of people with problems come to him to help them. Arthur wasalways being watched by a wizard named Merlin he knew where he was at allday and all night. Merlin chose him to become a great ruler because he sawthe potential that he had as a child and as an adult. Arthur has gotten a lot of support from his family friends and otherpeople because they looked up to him while he was a kid but of course some

15 July 2020

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