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Analysis Of The Factors Of A Happy Marriage

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In modern society, marriage is the most essential social custom. Most people assert that marriage should be a long lasting lifestyle. Because more than half of all marriages end in a divorce, most people lack the understanding of what it takes to be married. Getting married is a new journey of life where couples get to spend the rest of their lives with their vows. Getting married to someone makes them realize they have each other’s backs and that there not alone. Marriage is one of the most important decisions in everybody’s life, and it could change your life completely. In modern society, marriage should be encouraged when there is love, support, communication, and honesty in a relationship with two individuals. One factor in making a good marriage is loving each other. For some people, love can be described in different ways. Love can be patient, commitment, equality, etc. People see it in a different way. Love makes people feel some type of way where they feel that there the one. In the article, “Two Pastors in Love and Only God Knows” by Vincent Mallozzi, states “Maybe one day he will realize that nothing has really changed with me except for that fact that I’ve found my perfect soul mate, and he’ll feel like talking to me again, she said. ” Based on this evidence one can conclude that people not even family can not stop anyone from loving each other. No matter if there are two women, or two men loving each other, nobody is going to stop them from loving one another. Furthermore, someone can even love a nonexistent person.

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For instance, in the article “Beyond dimensions The man who married a hologram” by Emiko Jozuka, it is about a man who falls in love with a hologram because nobody did find him attractive, nor did they pay attention to him. According to Emiko Jozuka, he states that “She really added color to my life, Kondo said. When I talk to her I use different facial expressions and feel something. That’s made a difference. ” From this quotation, one can see that it does not matter where you fall on a spectrum, whether your love is blissful or nonexistent, it is clear that everyone has an opinion on love and what it means in a relationship to them. Even though love can make a good marriage, supporting each other can as well. Aside from love, another factor that can establish a good marriage is supporting each other. Supporting along another can make people feel that there not alone. Supportive relationship can reduce the risk of abuse and neglect. If people do not have support, then they will have an awful life. According to the reading “My secret life as a gay ultra” by Camila Ruiz, states “I think he already knew I was gay but he’d convinced himself that it was just a latent desire rather than an integral part of my identity. ” In this passage it was about a gay woman who was forced by her parents to get married to a unknown man. Eventually they end up having kids; however, the man had a sense that he knew that she was gay. Therefore, he supported her because she did not want to lose everything that she had. Having that support from someone can give us confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. Many people argue that they discourage marriage because there is domestic violence. Domestic violence is a harmful being in a marriage or in any kind of relationships.

In the article “Infertile man accused of cutting off wife’s hands” by Reuben Kyama, states “. . . attacked her with a machete, slashing her face and hacking her hands off, enraged because she hadn’t produced children in nearly five years of marriage. ” From this quotation, once can see that this problem can affect upon adult women in abusive relationships. Because the women could not produce children, he chopped off her hands off. Imagine if a couple were married and the woman was deaf, and she could not understand what he was saying, would he would chop off her hands because she could not understand? Although the opposing side raises some valid points, they fail to consider that the only way for domestic violence to occur is when there is no love, support, communication, honesty in a marriage. Furthermore, communicating and understanding each other can often make a good marriage. Communication is important in relationships because it allows us to share our concerns; similarly, it makes people organize their lives and make decisions. People can communicate, but they have to be willing to understand. Also, willing to talk about anything with their spouse no matter what the case is. In the reading “I don want to leave my husband but I feel suffocating and am having an affair” by Annalisa Barbieris, she states “. . . I can see how much I hurt him. I want him to be happy and stop making him suffer, and sometimes I wonder if I’m the right person for him. ” This is an example of a wife who is holding their feelings instead of expressing them with her husband. Sometimes it is hard to express their feelings to another because it might hurt them, but if someone does not speak up, then it will also hurt them or yourself. In the novel, Thirteen Senses, by Victor Villasenor, he states “. . . I was pregnant that he had the guts to tell me the truth that he was a bootlegger, a gambler, and he drank and carried a gun!” Based on this evidence, one can infer that there is a lack of communication and misunderstanding. Lupe should stop and think to understand why he is a bootlegger, a gambler, and how he always carried a gun with him. Every person has their reason for something they do. No matter if it is a good thing or not.

Communication and understanding can be a key to marriage, but being honest with one another is a success for a marriage. Moreover, honesty becomes the principles for everything in a successful marriage. There has to be honesty in order for a good marriage. Most people can agree that honesty is a moral value and very important in many aspects of life. If people are not being honest, it can trigger feelings of love. In the novel, Thirteen Senses, by Victor Villasenor, Sal was not being honest on what he really does with his life. Victor Villasenor states, “If I’d known Salvador back then, like I know him now I would never have married him. He lied to me! He tricked me!”. Because of Sal’s dishonesty, one can infer Lupe having mixed feelings towards Sal. When it comes to not being honest with each other it can hurt one another. There are reasons why people are not honest. They just do not want to hurt the person, or other people are worried about the reaction that they will get. Without honesty, most relationships would not work in the first place.

10 December 2020

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