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To maintain the economic growth in Turkey nation as same as other countries aim for macroeconomic policy. Turkey is trying to achieve a goal by using different markets and different sectors. Over the latest decades, the tourism sector in Turkey became more critical for economic development (Afroeurasianstudies, 2019).

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Turkey is a country of diverse cultures, ideas, nature, beliefs and history. In the landscape, this diversity is reflected, which makes life support and habitat for 70 million people. View in Turkey encompasses a wide variety of geographical zones. Tree continents have combined characteristic in this landscape: Asia, Europe and Africa. Between 2000 B.C. and A.D.1500, Anatolia was the centre of world civilization manifested within the ruins and monuments that adorn today’s landscape. Turkey is additionally well known for associate degree abundance and variety of handicrafts, cuisine, music, customs and traditions because of its made flora, fauna and regional differentiation yet as its imperial bequest (Bilkent University, 2019).

Turkey’s ‘rising star’, Turkish Airlines, began its’ journey back in 1933 with five planes. Today, Turkish Airlines boasts a fleet of 343 aircraft (passenger and cargo) and continues that journey with the same excitement. With its growth figures inserting the corporate among the leading airlines within the world, Turkish Airlines, with an urgent call in 2013, created the largest aeroplane purchase within the history of Turkish Civil Aviation (Turkish Airlines, 2019).


To become the well-liked leading European air carrier with a world network of coverage thanks to its strict compliance with the flight safety, dependableness, merchandise, service quality and aggressiveness, while maintaining it is identified because of the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey within the civil transport industry (Turkish Airlines, 2017).

Literature review

In the study we come up with defining of how Turkish airlines started, what was the difficulties that this Airlines faced while it was in its premature state slowly how grew itself, the difficulties faced and how it just took itself whole new level. Moreover, in current time it is one most suitable and most equitable airlines in the world.

The Turkish defence and part business have been undergoing a profound transformation over the past decades. Having achieved incomparable success within the industry in recent years, nowadays Turkey has one among the quickest developing defence and part sectors within the world. The expertise and stress on quality are evident among Turkish defence and part corporations as they undertake varied endeavours, produce a product that is competitive worldwide, and assume vital roles in international comes. With their qualified human resources and progressive technology infrastructure, Turkish corporations bring world solutions to satisfy several countries fundamental necessities. These Turkish corporations conduct activities in several essential areas of the defence and part sector, from original style development to domestic production, from modernization to modification, and from R&D to international comes.

Turkey is one among the foremost necessary defence spenders among the planet. Turkey’s USD 15 billion defence expenditure in 2016 class-conscious thanks to the 17th-largest defence budget among the earth. Turnover among the defence business doubled over the past decade and reached USD vi billion by the highest of 2016. In parallel with the event of the Turkish half and defence sector’s capability among the past decade, the exports and international cooperation opportunities for Turkish companies have inflated. The industry’s exports inflated from USD 600 million in 2007 to USD two billion in 2016. With a developed and accomplished production capability, the orders received by the business amounted to USD twelve billion in 2016.

Over the years, Turkey has conjointly emerged as a perfect place for the civil aviation business. The number of airline passengers augmented to 193 million in 2017, up from thirty-four million in 2004. The quantity of civilian craft swollen from 626 to at least one, 417 between 2003 and 2016, with airline fleet size increased to 540, up from 162. Within the same amount, the turnover in civil aviation reached USD twenty billion, up from USD two.2 billion. Turkey is decided to position itself as a hub for civil aviation. A replacement aerodrome is being created in the metropolis, and once completed it will be the most critical aerodrome within the world, with a capability of two hundred million passengers p.a. and flights to just about 350 destinations (Invest in Turkey, 2019).

Market position

With the motivation of the Turkish Ministry of Transportation’s slogan ‘Every Turkish subject ought to get on a plane, once in lifetime’ airline sector had fast growth. As a result of the high rate of growth that is more or less competition within the industry had escalated, and airline corporations are forced to produce more top service quality with high kind of occasions to customers. So aviation became standard instead of being luxury.

As it approached the year 2009, a complete variety of flight destinations magnified from twenty-five to 45 whereas flight destinations from 60 to130. As of 2009, approved by the ministry, there are seventeen airlines, 61 air taxis, 29 General Aviation firms, twenty-five Agricultural Campaign firms and twelve Aerostat firms that create a complete variety of a hundred and forty-four aviation corporations.

Government’s effective and property policies concerning aviation have a significant impact on the rise of airline traffic, a variety of traveller and wares. It is noted that airline traffic of the year 2009 had been one.06 million that includes a composition of 419 thousand flight, 369 thousand trip and 277 thousand transit flights. Severally, forty-one million passengers and 484 thousand cargos in domestic flights and 44 million passengers and 1.24 million shipments in international flights had been transported. With the relevance of these numbers, it is expected that the profit of this sector to be over 10 billion.

Although Turkish Airlines has the most comprehensive network reach across the country and globally because the Turkish airline’s business began to be a lot of liberal. This example caused several different non-public enterprises to enter the Turkish airline market. Pegasus, Atlas Jet and Onur Air are the major ones of those enterprises (Asian case research journal, 2014).

Historical Pattern

Turkish Airlines was based in 1933 as Turkey’s 1st flight carrier beneath the name ‘STATE AIRLINES ADMINISTRATION’, as a department of the Ministry of Defense. In 1956, it was reorganized and operated beneath special legislation that light-emitting diode it to be renamed Türk Hava Yolları A.O. (Turkish Airlines Co.). Over the years, it has endlessly dilated its fleet; in 2003, once the airline operated 64 planes, a choice was taken to amass 63 new aircraft, conveyance the entire over one hundred. Since then, Turkish Airlines additional new flight destinations and craft to reinforce its worth.

On ten Gregorian calendar month, 2004 Turkish Airlines established its flight academy by 28th Turkish Airlines Board’s order. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy that was primarily based at Istanbul started coaching with sixteen cadets on one might 2006. Between the years 2004–2006, the quantity of pilots is enhanced from 600 to 1200, and therefore the variety of cabin crew from 1700 to 2600; representing a fast increase in terms of human resources.

In addition to Istanbul airfield, Turkish Airlines started in operation from Sabiha Gökçen airfield and dilated the services to Ankara Esenboğa in 2006. The aim of building access to all or any points approachable from Turkey, flight network was enhanced over one hundred points abroad by the institution of 24 new flight destinations in 2006.

Turkish Airlines determined to hitch Star Alliance on four August 2006. Over three,000 customers per month reach Turkish Airlines’ web site via the Star Alliance website. Turkish Airlines had been appointive ‘The Best Airline’ in its region and received the craft Finance Journal’s ‘2008 European Deal of the Year’ award for the funding of aircraft. The ‘Operational Excellence’ award was given to Turkish Airlines from airliner Co. It conjointly won the Sky Trax Award for the ‘Best Airline in Southern Europe’.

At an equivalent time, it sponsored to Euro league 2012 moreover as Manchester United3 and Barcelona football4 groups. In 2010 Turkish Airlines worked with world celebrated names like Kevin Costner5, Kobe Bryant6 and Carolingian Wozniacki7 in its commercials.

Turkish Airlines is understood for its impeccable service, flight safety and property worldwide. With its world headquarters in Istanbul, it is an entryway between east and west at a location that allowed guests a nonpareil glimpse into world history, the prospect to expertise one amongst Eurasia’s most cosmopolitan destinations and maybe a hub for trip alternative cities in Europe, Asia and therefore the geographic region (Asian case research journal, 2014).

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, the results of this study provide some knowledge and ideas of Turkish Airlines and the aviation industry. As I was going through the various online websites, I have seen different views in the Turkish aviation industry and even in the defence budget. They have come up with different plans and knowledge. As I was going through different research for my report, I have come across different ideas from the different online website each website has given me different ideas which I have already mentioned in my report.

The knowledge I have got is tremendous while preparing this report, and I have got many ideas. Turkish Airlines is growing as per the report, and it will see many changes in the future. They will come up with different new ideas.

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