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Assisted Suicide Is Morally Right Or Not

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Many people in society believe that life should end naturally. Moreover, life should be preserved and to make sure that one lives as long as possible. Theres is a debate about whether assisted suicide is morally right or wrong. Assisted suicide is defined as a patient that suffers from an incurable condition and or terminal illness and is provided lethal drugs by a doctor to end their suffering. There are physicians that believe that assisted suicide violates their practice in medicine and assisting these terminally ill patients goes against a doctor’s role.

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Author Ezekiel J. Emanuel states “Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS) are not ends in themselves with intrinsic value. At best, they are a means to realize the end of a good death or, more accurately, a quality dying experience,1”(Emanuel, 629.) This detail shows that the author that assisted suicide is not a bad for people. This shows that dying with dignity and dying in a safe manner from their terminal illness.

There is a huge difference between the terms “pain” and “suffering.’ A person’s pain and a persons suffering are not the same thing. Emanuel states “Pain is fairly objective: there is a shared notion of what constitutes pain; there are standardized measures for physicians to assess pain and how much there is; and there are well defined and codified interventions for the relief of pain,”(Emanuel, 631.) This shows the

Contradictions; animal euthanasia. there are many reasons why animals get put down. some animals make it put down because they are very aggressive and may have attacked somebody. or some animals may have been put down because more space is needed in shelters and pounds. however one of the main reasons for pets and other animals being put down is because these people do not want to see this animal be in pain anymore. Just as people put down their beloved pets because one doesn’t want to black dirt beloved companion be in pain anymore from a deadly illness or condition that will enable them to live a healthy life. Although people believe in animal Euthanasia, animal. Numerous amounts of animals are being put to sleep to end the suffering of a terminal illness. Just as we believe that animals have the right to be put to sleep, people should have that liberty.

According to, How Death with Dignity Laws Work, it states the four main requirements. You must be a resident of the state in which assisted suicide is legal. The patient must be Mentally Competent in making that decision. Lastly, a person has to be diagnosed with a terminal illness that will end them in six months and has to be medically confirmed. Terminally Ill patients often suffer from mental illnesses and will only worsen. Not many states have it legalized.

Not many states have assisted suicide legalized. Therefore, terminally ill patients that would like to choose to die with physician assistance are unable to and, so, some terminally ill patients may end their lives in a more traumatic way. This can lead to the increase of depression and suicide. Legalizing assisted suicide provides terminally ill patients the freedom to die with dignity. Terminally ill patients can change their mind even if they have gone through the entire process. Furthermore, this may lead to commit suicide in a traumatic way.

Problems have occurred from not legalizing assisted suicide. They are advantages from legalizing it. Although many people in society may not see it as morally right but many people should have the choice to apply for one or not. Having Assisted suicide legalized would give terminally ill patients the option of dying in a peaceful dignified way instead of dying traumatically or painful side effect from their incurable illness.

07 September 2020

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