About Girls' Life - "Just A Girl" By Carrie Mesrobian

The book Just a Girl is about, a girl and her years through high school. The book does talk a lot about her high school experiences and it also gives many details. When I read this book i was very glad to read the book because it gave so much input and let me know about everything that’s happened.

Rianne Hettrick Wynne was the main character in this book. She also had some friends such as Gabby, Kip, Kaj, Caleb, Mercy and Eli. Rianne and Eli liked each other and knew each other for a long time. At the beginning of the book it talks about them at a football game. Rianne had to use the restroom and next to where she was waiting was a hooded tall guy. It turned out to be Eli. He took her to his house and that’s when they knew they liked each other. Rianne is a very outgoing kind of girl in this book. She has been through a lot and just doesn’t care anymore. Throughout the book it talks about her sophomore and senior year. It does skip the other two just because nothing really happened during those years. The book is very entertaining and keeps you occupied. Rianne is a very independent girl and knows what she is doing. She has a lot of friends but is kinda self-absorbed. Gabby is kind but has her own kind of personality and she adventures a lot. Kip is very friendly and she is very good at making friends. Kaj is a little shy, he doesn’t really talk to anyone except him and his friends. Caleb is just a guy that girls love, many girls like him but he only likes one person and that is Rianne. Mercy is just like Kip, she is extremely friendly and will listen to you when you either have problems or just need someone to talk to.

Last but not least is Eli, now Eli is a guy all girls love as well, he is very talkative and listens only to himself at the times he’s not supposed to. If you notice, all the characters are different but kinda act the same, they all love to make new friends but kinda like to stay with each other. Some of them are in relationships and go off their own ways which kinds separates the group but they still love each other no matter what. Eli is also just visiting from where he moved too, he was happy to see Rianne again I mean after all he does like her just like caleb. Later on in the book they are all graduated and some go to the same collage while the others moved on.

This book is a very good book and I prefer to read it. Like i have said before it gives a lot of detail. The book “Just a Girl is very informational and it tells you a lot about a girls life and what she has went through and what she did when she was in highschool and collage. Rianne is very independent but really likes Caleb and Caleb likes her. They go through a lot and end up becoming a couple in the middle of the book. They really love each other and have for a long time now. They have been through a lot together and by themselves.

03 December 2019
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