Brief Description Of The Dictatorship

Dictatorship regimes are totalitarian and basically non-democratic in nature which are focused on the adulation of a single State leader, It usually emphasise on the absolute necessity of complete national unity, which is said to require a very powerful and disciplined state, especially an extensive secret police censorship apparatus, unlimited by constitutional restrictions or legal requirements and under the absolute domination of the leader and his political vehicle. It is a clear violation and contempt of all sorts of democratic political practices and portrays all forms of individualism as weak, degenerate, divisive and ineffective ideologies leading to mediocrity. It is in synonymous to the glorification of the physical strength, fanatical personal loyalty to the leader and general combat-readiness as the ultimate personal virtues. Dictatorship governments tend to nationalize key industries, closely manage their currencies and make massive state investments. They also tend to introduce price controls, wage controls and other types of economic planning measures. 

Dictators often Expand the power base through nepotism and corruption; They Instigate a monopoly on the use of force to curb public reactions; They indulge in Elimination of Political Enemies; They believe in Accumulating power by manipulating the hearts and minds of the citizens and they Create a perception to justify an exalted position. Dictatorships feed on wars and other external threats because these justify their existence and due to a few such, More than half of 20th-century rulers engaged in battles at some point during their reign, either as aggressors or defenders. But one phenomenon which must be understood is that, Dictatorships regimes can only seize power with the aid of people who think that they will benefit from it. They only seize power if people believe the propaganda they spew and if people choose to stand by while they commit continuous crime and atrocity against their citizens. Dictatorships could be further into Four models, A Fascist Dictatorial model which Mussolini and Hitler represented, A fundamental Dictatorial model which Saddam Hussain, Mohammad Gadhafi and most Islamic Dictatorships feature, A Proxy Dictatorial model which Indira Gandhi had adapted and a Communist-Dictatorial model which Joseph Stalin initiated. Fascist-Dictatorship is an authoritarian Nationalist political ideology that exalts State above the individual while the dictator is constituted with the supreme authority, and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by himself. However, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition is common. Fundamentalist Dictatorship is a similar authoritarian Religionist political ideology that exalts religion above state and individual while the leader of the state usually acts upon the guidelines of the religious literatures, this model is common at most Islamic Monarchies. Religious minorities are usually considered as Class three citizens while Economic policies, foreign relations and other preliminary aspects of the State are usually prioritised based on the religion. 

Communist-Dictatorship is a Self-motive driven socialist political model, where the communist party usually assumes power by undergoing a democratic process and upon power assumption it transfers itself into a complete dictatorship regime ruled by the Communist party’s incumbent chief. Communist dictorship regimes usually restrict the country from having multiple political parties, hence the power always remains with the said communist party. Though the ideology propagates of considering an individual or its Citizens above everything else, it always the other way around, where the Leader of the party sits on absolute power to commit atrocities to every possible extent. The nature of Proxy Dictatorship is very much similar to the communist-dictatorship model, but the only distinction is in the assumption of power as it operates under a multi-party democratic system unlike the One-Party model. The said dictator usually controls and dominates the respective political party which he represents and eventually propagates appeasement of a targeted Vote Bank by offering severe populist government policies, so as the party is elected to power. However, in this model, a section of people always remains betrayed as most of policies are always Vote Bank oriented.

India has already been stung by this model of rule for too long, all the growthless and ruthless decades India went through were the legitimate products of such illegitimate regimes. Congress has never been a Dictator free party, whenever congress assumed power India was automatically ruled by its incumbent party leadership which was always restricted to the Nehru dynasty, resulting in proxy dictatorship model of governance; Jawaharlal Nehru was followed by Indira and now Rahul Gandhi is aspiring to become the Prime minister. Emergency, Sikh Riots, Ayodhya Riots, Ethnic cleansing in Jammu Kashmir and Assam, to name a few, were all the ‘Sinister-Childs’ of the Proxy dictatorship model. The History of Indian politics witnesses that the Congress always pitched for the Muslim Vote bank, however Apart from the Congress, Most political parties in India too are operating on the same principle, ruled by its respective Bosses; NCP is chaired by the Sharad Pawar Family and it pitches to harvest Muslim and Other Backward Community Votes, JDS is bossed by the Deve Gowda and family who are eager to capture the Muslim and Vokkaliga Vote bank, Samajwadi Party is directed by Mulayam Singh Yadav family which keeps its eye on the Muslim and Other Back ward Community votes, BSP is almost owned by Mayawati and is keen on the Dalit and Minority Combination, Shiv Sena is in complete control of the Thackrey family and they target the Maratha Votes, and the list continues. These political parties by in itself in principle are undemocratic as they all are run typically like a private entity, They have failed to introspect their own organisational structure as they have adapted dictatorships as their inherent feature and this makes them qualified to possess all negative aspects of the Proxy-Dictatorship regimes, which are nothing but growthless and Ruthless in nature.

29 April 2022
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