Dictatorship In The Hunger Games 

The Hunger Games shows us how much we can forget about people and our selfishness gets in our way of helping those in need; how what we find right is wrong walk a tricky path in today's world where we are a surfing between wars and political dictatorship. It tells us how as a society who are envious to, for the benefit of the greedy cigar smoking few while the weak are routinely kept in the disadvantage; just like The Hunger Games Dictatorship is a significant issue that threatens the peace of humanity when one person or party manipulates a countries politics to gain full power of the country. 

The Capitol in The Hunger Games is the seat of political power within Panem. The heroine Katniss is surprised by the elegance when she sees in the Capitol coming from a poverty deprived District 12. The colours and types of clothes and jewellery, food quality and quantity, architectural modernity. Everything goes beyond what is in the Districts. It isn’t such finery isn’t affordable to the people back in Panam. In the Soviet Union, it was a similar case, however less dramatic, in capital cities such as Moscow. During when the Communist Party was the main seat of political influence, that is where most luxuries were. Luxury products were very costly and hard to find outside of town. 

There were major cities like Moscow where you had the best stores, the best cars, and the best garments. Some of the goods may be brought into the countryside, especially if there was an important industry there, but in the capital city the largest concentration of items is kept and sold there. Katniss is shocked by the abundance of food in the Capitol, some she could never imagine seeing in Pan am. In fact, when asked what she found to be the most impressive thing while the visit in the capitol during the pre-games interview, she responds, 'The lamb stew.'

 In the real world, Soviet apparatchiks were in an abundance of exclusive grocery stores that were prohibited from use by non-Party members. Luxury foods such as steaks, lobsters, and cav iar were imported exclusively for the Party members that would never reach any of the Communist nations people. The party members splurged in the luxury goods while average people were reduced to inadequate food supplies. It highlights how the lack of abundance of food supply in Pan-am, whilst Pan-am has an overindulgence of supply. 

29 April 2022
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