Buzzfeed's Quiz That Goes Viral

There are few things more addictive and powerful on earth than Buzzfeed quizzes. Whether it’s quiz games, trivia questions and answers, they are wildly entertaining and are often distributed frantically by online users desperate to share the fun they feel when participating in these. According to Buzzfeed, they now have a global audience of more than 650 million users, responsible for over 9 billion content views each month. One Buzzfeed quiz ‘Can we guess your real age?’, took an incredible 5. 9 million times. This became the template for other brands to emulate, and to huge success. It shows that things like quiz games and trivia questions and answers are really good in entertaining and interacting with your audience. Their focus on quiz games was part of their decision to improve their online marketing sales channel. They created 2 quizzes; a stress quiz and a sleep quiz.

The quizzes were a big hit and people had to opt in with their name and email address to receive results. Buzzfeed quizzes encourage strong engagement and a high conversion rate. According to one study, 96% of participants that start Buzzfeed quizzes finish them. Whether it’s things like general knowledge quiz, quiz games or trivia questions and answers, as Steve Olenski, Contributor to Forbes, says: “Quizzes currently offer some of the best return on investment that you can hope for in Internet marketing. ”So how and why do Buzzfeed quizzes go so viral? It might be easy to dismiss this as the natural endpoint of any large website creating a quiz.

But Buzzfeed know their audience and understand who they are and where they are coming from. This means knowing your demographic, what social media platforms they hang out on and importantly for creating a quiz, their interests. If they like pets or games or political factions, Buzzfeed are all over it. Their article “27 signs you were raised by immigrant parents“, got over a million views within 12 hours. It addressed a very small group of people and was ultra-specific to them. Yet, it received massive amounts of hits. Poor copycats of Buzzfeed quizzes do not understand their audiences so conduct a comprehensive research, using Google Analytics to siphon the information you need.

Then you need a topic that resonates with your audience and will hit home like a hammer on a nail. It needs to be interesting but crucially, entertaining. That’s your secret ingredient to cooking a good quiz. For example, if you’re a dog food brand, your content topics would revolve around dogs. There are hundreds of quizzes on the topic ‘What kind of a dog are you. ’ That’s pretty generic and unlikely to shine in a clutter of them.

Quiz games need something unique about them to make your audience select yours rather than someone else’s. After all, creating a good trivia questions and answers quiz doesn’t remove the marketing element out of it. It’s still a fundamental feature of the process when creating your quiz games. Can quiz games help increase the IQ of a nation?Keywords: Quiz games (13), trivia questions and answers (7)It’s undeniable that quiz games can be wildly entertaining. It’s amazing how much fun we can accrue from something like trivia questions and answers or any other quiz games. But can they be educational also? Can we find ourselves learning from quiz games instead the old-fashioned rule of using books?

The educational benefits of quiz games like trivia questions and answers. They help with concentration, identify gaps in knowledge, build confidence and are increasingly utilised today within the education sector. Quiz games are a really fun and interactive way to not just store knowledge but test it too. Within the education sector, children are expected to learn dates, formulae and figures by notes but this can often be a flat and colourless experience.

Things like trivia questions and answers however are fun and more likely to be imprinted in the minds of people. It’s a well-known fact that retrieval boosts retention (Roediger, Psychology of Learning and Motivation). Reading information as part of a learning process is not without its benefits but doing so and following it up by participating in quiz games like trivia questions and answers can be effective in coercing your brain to rummage data it stored away, which ensures it becomes embedded for use in the future.

Quiz games can help you retain information. This theoretically means it can increase the IQ of people if it helps us expand the perimeters of our knowledge. As the information produced by quiz games becomes ingrained in our brains, this becomes a solid foundation for the next phase of learning. Children have often benefited from incorporating quiz games into their learning process to prepare them for the next stages of their education. Subjects like maths or science can benefit from this. For children, trivia questions and answers have a huge element of entertainment that keep them engaged with the learning process.

As for the rest of us, well it’s fun and that’s enough right?So what are the ways quiz games can help you? They can motivate you through a pre-test for your e-learning. This would be without grade and at the beginning of an online course or learning exercise for the pure purpose of allowing learners to understand what they already know and what they need to learn. If someone finds there is a question there they do not know, they may feel inclined to invest attention and energy into that topic so they are aware of the right answer the next time.

The second way a quiz can help with your IQ is through reviewing what you already know, checking whether you can remember them. If you’ve ever done quiz games in the past in the immediate aftermath of some learning exercise, you’ll find they’re a useful barometer of how far you’re progressing in your learning of a topic. Quiz games help you assess how far you have come and how much further you need to go. Through this you can judge for yourself to see if you have correctly consumed information. We find this often with trivia questions and games. The fun nature of it shouldn’t blindside it often helps us re-examine how much we thought we knew of a topic. So are trivia questions and answers fun? Absolutely. Do quiz games help us learn? Definitely.

03 December 2019
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