Causes Of The Civil War

The American Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars in America’s history, the main cause of this war was the slavery. The South during this time was looking to expand west-ward in order to grow more cotton fields and plantations. The North didn’t really need the use of slaves because they had such a diverse economy based on free labor. Bleeding Kansas was also another pivotal event that would end up sparking the fire for the Civil War. Abraham Lincion was a the main driving force for ending slavery he was devoted to stopping growth of slavery in the south. The Civil War was more than just a war it was the driving force for putting an end to slavery as well to push towards equality for all races. The South wanted to go westward to expand their plantations, they would run into roadblocks such as Bleeding Kansas and Abraham Linchion which would end up resulting in the American Civil War.

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As americans started to move westward the issue of slavery came to the forefront the big question were these new states going to be free or slave states. People that owned plantations wanted to start expanding westward to start expanding land for cotton fields and plantations. Non-slave holding white settlers didn’t want to compete with all of the slaveholders in the new territories which was causing a major collision between the two. The south would bud heads with congress to claim these new territories examples would be Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas.

Bleeding Kansas soon followed this crisis pushed the North and South and was one of the main causes for starting the civil war. The war would last for a year around 250+ people would be killed during this war many would die to night time raids and violence. The war was fought over whether these new states should be slave states or not, Southerners thought they should be able to bring their “property” when they move to these states. The problem congress had with that these southern plantation owners would end up controlling these states. This war showed how passionate people were for what stood behind over the issue of slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska act would allow the people in these territories to decide wether slavery would exsist in these states which catipolted into the beginning of the Civil War.

07 September 2020

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