Corporations Should Be Responsible For Improving The Society

There are lots of corporations in our society. Every corporation has vital responsibilities in our community. It is said that if each corporation tended to fulfill their social obligations, the development of that society would not be prohibited by any obstacles.

The significant reasons for which any corporation should be responsible are described below.

Any corporation can recruit human resources for their work. Many unemployed people are living in our community. They can work, but they are remaining unemployed. It is like a heavy burden for the whole community. So if a corporation properly trained those unemployed people and assigned them in the job, it will be a very commendable work for the up-gradation of any society. A corporation also can provide a fund for an inactive person who can't afford to do something for a living. It also can be a significant improvement from a corporation.

Many corporations don't take care of the environment properly. Very often, they expose their industrial waste in the open environment. That makes a miserable situation for the environment. When these untreated chemical elements mix with air, our air becomes polluted. If those elements combine with water, water also becomes contaminated. Many people become affected by this, either they become sick or die. As we take oxygen from the air, if the air is polluted, then we have also a chance to affect by this polluted air. Nowadays, it's a big challenge to keep our environment clean and healthy. So it's an enormous responsibility for a corporation to take this challenge and make an excellent result.

A corporation plays a significant role in economics. Sometimes any country or state can attack by any natural disaster. Then victims of that country or community have to suffer a lot. Only Governmental alone can't provide any total recovery to them. If later, any corporation comes with their merciful hands and gives money/foods or any other necessary things to recover those affected people, it will be quite possible to overcome at all. Sometimes government also may need a loan for the construction purpose of any bridge, any social organization, or any big-budget institution. In that case, a corporation can come front to give loans to the government.

In our society, many poor people are surviving in a challenging way. Even they have not many things to defend the winter season. A corporation can make a fund that collects all of the extra clothes/blankets etc. and distribute those too poor people. A corporation can also organize any social or cultural program and can gather financial support for the poor. In the end, we can say that a corporation is critical to improving any society. So it's mandatory for any corporation willingly make all ways to improve the whole community.

16 August 2021
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