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Creation Of Effective Media Advertisements For Brewery

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New Belgium Brewery is a craft beer company that’s located in Fort Collin but inspired by Belgium style ales and beers. Jeff Lebesch started the brewery in his basement in 1991. NBB provides a craft style beer and is the 3rd largest craft beer makers in the US. One problem New Belgium Brewery is facing is that they started advertising by word of mouth and is now doing TV commercials. The TV commercials are not getting to the correct audience that drinks craft beer. The target audience is not being reached over TV commercials. The goal is to create advertisements that reached the target audience.

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The Introduction

TV advertising is aimed towards older generations, both male, and females. Is this the target audience that New Belgium Brewery is trying to appeal to? When Lebesch started the company, this could have worked fine. As the company is has grown and is now the 3rd largest craft beer company in the US, there is a different target market. The people drinking the craft beer in 2017/2018 are not the same people drinking craft beer in 1994-1999. The craft beer industry has changed over the past years, creating a higher demand for it and creating more competition. New Belgium Brewery needs to listen to the consulting firm because consulting firms do an excellent job researching the best marketing tactics for the company.

Situation Analysis

According to adweek. com, “0. 5 percent is how much TV ad spending will grow this year. That’s sluggish compared to digital, but it still totals a massive $71. 7 billion. ” The growth in digital media is growing for a great reason. Fewer generations are watching TV and the generations that are watching TV are older generations. The biggest growths in ads are in Google, Facebook/ Instagram, and Snapchat. Companies are spending a lot of money on TV advertising, but the growth is in other areas. According to www. nielsen. com, “Older Americans (65+) watch more than twice as much traditional TV as teens, and roughly 37 percent more TV than those ages 35-49.

In terms of the size of the audience, Americans 50-64 make up the largest segment of the traditional TV audience (25%). Interestingly, adults 35-49 represent the largest segment of the Internet video audience (27%) and Americans 25-34 dominate the mobile video audience (30%). ” Older generations watch live TV and younger generations watch internet and mobile videos. According to www. brewersassociation. org, 57% of craft beer drivers are millennials, people ages 22-37. In conclusion from all the statistics, older generations are watching hours of TV a day. Younger generations, millennials, are watching online videos and spend more time on social media platforms. The craft beer drinkers are not watching TV as much as older generations.

New Belgium Brewery is advertising to the incorrect group of people. NBB can be spending less money on impressions, but those impressions are less meaningful than impressions on social media ads and online video ads. In 5 years, the number of people being reached per ad is going to be less. In 10 years, the ads will no longer be effective because more people are going to be switch other to internet video and older generations will become smaller. For example, the current market reach for one TV ads can be. 5%. This is due to the wrong target audience and advertising on an incorrect platform. In 5 years if the advertising continues, the reach will be even less. Due to a decrease in the older generations and technology advances, the target market reached will be. 3% on TV ads for NBB. This can be different if NBB switched to online video ads and social media ads. The reach will be 4% in 5 years. That is significantly higher than the TV ad reach in 5 years. With changes in technology and how technology is involved in our life’s more and more, in 10 years, the reach can be even higher. The estimate for internet video ads and social media ads is 8%.


  • 3rd Largest Craft Beer Company (US)
  • Craft beer is gaining popularity


  • Incorrect target audience
  • Inadequate target market reachOpportunities:
  • Reach a completely new audience
  • Learn more about the new audience and there needs


  • As craft beer becomes more popular, the competition increases
  • TV ads being lost with other ads

Alternative Analysis

Although there are many forms of advertising to choose from, New Belgium Brewer will want to focus on 2 forms of advertisements: online video ads and social media ads. Online video ads: Websites like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify are great websites where NBB can advertise. These websites are frequented by millennials. One huge benefit to using one of these websites is that it can take you to the company website and sales page at the click of a button. Online video advertisements allow the views to learn about the brand. A majority of platforms require the view to watch the advertisement.

Social media ads: Social media ads and post can reach many people and the cost is relatively low. One great social media strategy through Instagram is to create company hashtags where people can post pictures of the product with the hashtags for a chance to be featured on the companies Instagram account. This is practically free advertising. NBB can create adds on Facebook/ Instagram and Snapchat. These are the primary social media platforms millennials are using. The budget that was set for TV advertising can be used for both online video ads and social media ads, half for one and a half for the other. Both alternatives with reach the target audience: millennials.


Recommendations: New Belgium Brewery will change its form of advertising completely. NBB will review the information from the marketing consulting firm. From there they will acknowledge any valuable information. NBB will also have a clear insight on its target audience, which is millennials and narrow down from there if they find it necessary. By switching its advertising methods and knowing its target audience, NBB will double its market reach and even triple the reach in the next 5-10 years.

Action Plan: NBB has a goal to create online video advertising and social media content within the next 4 months. After 4 months they will start launching ads one-by-one. Stage one will be the testing stage where NBB will find out what works best in a year. After one advertising is launched on a website, they will wait a month to analyze results. Each website/platform will receive a budget of $200 to start for the first year. The platforms that NBB will be investing in is YouTube, Hulu, Facebook/ Instagram, and Snapchat for the first year. The three platforms that have the highest conversion rates will continue to stage two. In stage two, two ads will be added like sponsored social media ads/ Influencer marketing and sponsored TV ads. From there, NBB will continue to re-access the best 3 methods that have the best market reach. The analysis will take place two times a year for the next 10 years as technology is always changing.

15 April 2020

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