Death Penalty: One Of The Most Lethal And Last Punishments

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Death is the only thing that everyone fears. Death is a silent killer that waits for nobody. Every criminal fear this sentence. The Death Penalty is one of those laws that sits there and waits for its next victim. I believe that the penalty should not be allowed in any state across the country. Everyone has the right to live even if they must life 100 years inside of four walls.

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The Death Penalty, also known as capital punishment, was very first introduced and brought over from Europe, specifically Great Britain. Hanging and executions became a usual method of death when someone committed a crime. You could get executed or hanged from stealing, all the way up to cutting a tree down. Since it was so popular and common, most people didn’t care what the crime was and just decided to hang anybody who did something wrong. This problem leads to many reforms and decisions to change this law and get rid of it. Around 1823 to 1837, capital punishment was disposed of, but just because it was eliminated they did not stop and they wanted to spread the idea of it.

When the European settlers arrived here at the new world, they drove the idea of the Death penalty in most areas. The first documented execution during the new colonies was George Kendall in Jamestown Virginia, 1608. He was executed for being an undercover agent for the Spaniards. During 1612, the overseer of Virginia, Sir Thomas Dale, added and compelled Moral and Martial Laws.

These laws gave capital punishment the ability to be implemented towards minor and very small crimes, just like how it was in early Europe. At this time the death penalty was diverse and different in each colony. The colony located in New York applied the death penalty for those who would hit their mother or father and for those who did not believe in “True God”.

Fast-forwarding to 1972, a case involving the death penalty went to the supreme court. Everyone started to argue that it was cruel. The Furman v. Georgia case, fortunately, brought a brief end to the death penalty. The supreme court resolved the case by overturning Furman’s death sentence because it disagreed with the 8th amendment. Unfortunately, the death penalty was brought back for the execution of Gary Gillmore in 1977. After that, it continued to be alive but slowly began to die. It still remains in America even to this day.

Although the death penalty is allowed in over 30 states, it has its limitations. For instance, they cannot execute the mentally ill and they do not suppose the kill juveniles. The United States has evolved in ways to execute those on capital punishment. Many of them being lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, and firing squads. In my opinion, these are ridiculous and inhumane ways to kill somebody. Those who are pro-capital punishment believe that the death penalty is a very good deterrence, which means that they believe its a very good scaring tactic for those who commit a crime. I somewhat agree with this statement, but for the most part it is not. The reason why it’s not a good deterrence is that logically offenders will realize that all they have to do is not get caught. No one would commit any murders or anything like that. They would continue to do other extreme crimes are committed murder but on a lowkey level.

07 September 2020

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