Deep Analysis of the Plot of 'The Crucible'

In the play The Crucible has many people that care more about their reputation then their friends lives.  In the play The Crucible has many people that care more about their reputation then their friends lives. These people care more about their reputation then other people's lives. They don’t care about other people’s reputation they only care about theirs. These types of people make their attitude change everyday because they will always go with the people who make them look better, even if they are wrong. For these people they also think that a good name is better than the truth, in this play they could have never gone through the witch trials if Abigail would have just told the truth, but she cares about her name more instead of telling the truth. Reputation in these people's eyes are more important than telling the truth.

First, is Reverend Hale who was the person that made the Salem witch trials happen. Hale was the person who confirmed witchcraft in Salem and he was the person that killed all of them people because he said there was witchcraft in Salem and there really wasn’t. The first few people that were killed he really didn’t notice it was his fault because the people that died were lower people. Then when they announced that John and Rebecca would be hang, someone put a dagger and made it fall when he open his door at his house to show if they died he will die. He then noticed all the hanging were his fault and he went to the courtroom to tell John Proctor to confess of witchcraft, but it was not to save John's life it was really to save his life because he knew, he would be pinned for their hanging and they were good people, so the people of the town would try to kill him. He wanted to save his reputation by making Proctor confess, so his name would stay good and he would not be killed

Second, is Reverend Parris whose niece is the one that started the whole witchcraft thing. Parris knew that Abigail was lying the whole time, but to save himself he went along with Abigail to save his reputation. When he was in the courtroom he knew some were innocent ,but if he were to stand up for them and say they are innocent, he would be going against the bible. When he says that someone did not see the devil, he himself would be accused of making a pact with the devil. According to this, if he were to say they were innocent he would also be accused of witchcraft and he would lose his reputation, so instead he lets these innocent people get hanged and he also had to save his niece because she was the first person they really tried to do witchcraft in the woods by drinking blood. Parris actual was trying to save both his name and Abigail name and it ended with Abigail running away instead of telling the truth and they could have save Abigail and his name would have still be saved.

Third, is John Proctor who was like by most of the town, but he always had a secret that he knew was wrong. He always protect the people that were innocent even if it went against the court and god, but he always wanted to try and do the right thing. His secret was not known by the people in the town, only two people knew what it was. John proctor committed adultery with Abigail and the only other person who knew the that he did was his wife, even though he never told his wife he did it she already knew he did. John wanted to keep his good name and he never really saw any goodness in him and that is why he wanted everyone to think he was a good person, so he never told anyone of his crime. When he got accused of witchcraft, the town still thought he was a good person, so they thought that he would never confess of witchcraft. John never saw goodness inside of him, but when he finally did he noticed that he could not confess of something that he never did, so he ended up not confessing of witchcraft which made him die with his reputation the same and the town still saw him as a great man and then they also noticed that the court was killing innocent people. John was the person who save the day by not confessing of witchcraft and he also got to keep his name the way it was, but he had to die because of it. John Proctor was a good man as what people saw him as, but he still had a secret no one believe except his wife and Abigail.

Finally, all of these people had something in common they wanted to keep their good name, but only one of them succeeded and it was Proctor. The other two probably ended up being killed because they were just killing innocent people because they thought that is what god wants them to do, but it wasn’t. Having a good reputation was a major theme in The Crucible because if you had a good reputation you were like by most of the town. Reverend hale and Parris lost of of their reputation in the town of Salem and were not like by the people of the town. John would be look at like a righteous person and would have respect in the town, even if he is dead. The Crucible was about people having good reputation and if you didn’t have a good reputation you were not liked by the people that is why they lied about witchcraft to keep a good reputation they killed innocent people by lying, all you have to do is tell the truth because one lie can end up just like how the Salem witch trials ended. A good reputation can be good, but saving people's lives is better then killing them and keeping that reputation. If anyone was even second guessed on witch craft they were brought to court and hanged.

08 December 2022
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