John Proctor As A Christ-Like Figure In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

“Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes will teach you great lessons and make you a better person. ” Many individuals live through this quote because of the pure and simple truth to it; that everyone makes the wrong decisions from time to time, but learning from the mistakes you make will mold you into a better person. In other words, shaping yourself to be a Christ-like figure. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, John Proctor is a prime candidate for being a Christ-like figure. Along the many qualities of being a figure, the important ones an individual must have include having the manifestation of divine qualities. Rejecting negative energy, speaking the truth, and fearlessness in the midst of dejection, are three of the many characteristics. John Proctor portrays all of these qualities throughout the novel and should be classified as being a Christ-like figure.

One of the important manifestations John Proctor displays is refusing the presence of Abigail in his life again. “Abby, I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Abby. ” Abigail was tempting John to leave his wife and come back to her because she thinks he still feels something for her. John, despite having the feeling of lust for her before, rejects Abigail because of the simple fact that he is looking out for himself, refusing to let the unfortunate past come into his present life. John draws the line between letting what gave him happiness for a good second or two, for eternal happiness with his wife, which is what Proctor thought was going to occur.

Speaking the truth is often hard to do, especially in difficult situations such as the one Proctor was in. In court, he admitted to committing the sin of adultery with Abigail while being married to Elizabeth Proctor, to prove that Abigail was only accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft for the sole purpose of getting John all to herself. He also realizes that Mary Warren’s statement will not be effective enough for their case. John does not care much of his public reputation anymore as much as he cares for his personal and religious beliefs. He has put Elizabeth through many things already, that he decides to relieve her from the pain. Although, his plan backfired when Elizabeth hid the truth to protect John’s reputation, as well as their marriage.

John Proctor also showcased his bravery in a time where dejection was a very prominent emotion in his life. Proctor strives to do what is right. He has the courage to fight for justice, for what is true, and for what is right. He realizes that all Reverend Parris does is instill fear within the village, and is not very sincere towards them. “You cannot command Mr. Parris. We vote by name in this society, not be acreage. ” This exhibits how Proctor is not only standing up for his own rights, but for the rights of others as well. He is fearless in speaking up because he is strong spoken about projecting how he feels and what he believes in. Just because Reverend Parris is rich and within authority, does not mean he is always correct with the actions he commits and the words he speaks.

Jesus forgives our sins as long as you show remorse for the sins you have committed. John evidently shows remorse throughout the novel by rejecting Abigail and showing how much he really loves his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. He shows all Christ-like manifestations by rejecting negative energy, speaking the truth, and fearlessness despite the situation you are in. Most Christ-like figures are executed for standing up for something they believe in, or speaking the truth. Besides the sin of adultery he had committed, John Proctor is executed by hanging for speaking the truth and fighting for what is right, which concludes him to be a Christ-like figure.

10 October 2020
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