Delayed Desires & Their Effects On People

Throughout history, delayed desire has led to long effects on people, societies and regions.some of these desires include sugar, meat, and crust.When you picture your life with or without wars you will get to the point of analogizing food, nature, and natural disasters in your life. Description of food whether if it’s good or bad helps the reader know your life situation. (Ex: does it stink like rotten meat?) Nature is another exampleTo express a self feeling.(ex: dry up / nothing left over everything is destroyed and dried). At this time period that the author wrote there was wars. He analogized his feelings after a bomb, which is violence. (Ex: or does it explode?).

Analogizing is important when you express feelings, describe or understand something.The author said : (does it stink like rotten meat?) it refers to historical context because he means like in that times everything was good and they were living in peace, no wars, then everything destroyed people died and their bodies became rotten.We said that a meat when it’s fresh and still didn’t get rotten is a very good analogy for lifestyle changes.When you explain something with food you know what is the writer life situation.(Crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet?)In this time period everything moved quickly. By the way that war happened and how syrupy people died and get rotten. We can say that syrupy of sweet means to us something that has a lot of sugar in it like, pancakes, honey, and doughnuts, where you quickly want to finish it by how tasty it is.

Describing something like ( does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?) we know that she something that dry up it either die or get destroyed. We can think of summer when every water dries up. But when we think of raisins we know that raisins are fruits that are dried. Raisins are grapes which when you put them under heat of the sun they become raisins.We can imagine a dry place like a desert with no water, like the raisin when it was a grape then the heat of the sun got on it and got dry.When someone say something is explode they mean it was a dangerous situation happened. Exploding is a sign of violence. The author is in violence , it is liberating and there was a lot of pressure everting happened together.The purpose that the author wrote this poem is to know how it feels when everything is destroyed or changed. Things that were good and they don’t work anymore. When something get smaller but never gets away. This poem is mostly painful but the description of things. People need to be in one hand and make everything better and have a good life.

03 December 2019
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