Different Types And Effects Of Cyber Crime

Different Types of Computer Crime

Cyber criminals who hack the computer or crash the computers and get the information their need to grow financially is a computer crime. Since last few years most of the companies are facing these computer crimes in the terms of data breach. Main cause for this data breach occurs via cyber-attacks or malwares. To protect from these cyber-attacks and malwares organizations has to implement assets safety measurements and incident response plan. Below are some of the common types of computer criminals recognized in the cyber world.

  1. Script Kiddies: Hackers who are week in technology and who thinks very less while hacking are generally known as script kiddies. These hackers can only the systems which are very weak and not very much protected.
  2. Scammers: Scammers are the people who send spam emails to the outside world. As spam email may contain virus files, advertisements about their products or any fake information to attract the online shoppers.
  3. Hacker groups: Group of people who work together to create some hacking tools and ways to hack a system, website or entire organization is known as hacking groups. These people often hack the computers of the organizations, emails of the VVIP’s to test their security.
  4. Phishers: Phishers might send some emails where an ordinary can feel excited about the offer that was offered in the email. For an example, we might receive an email saying me have won the lottery for million dollars and to get the amount we need to some $1000. Or we have got a job opportunity in some reputed organization and we have to $500 as a security deposit. There many people who fall for these emails and pay the amount that was mentioned in the email. People should be careful while reading emails and observe all corners before taking next step.
  5. Political/religious/commercial groups: Most of the people in this groups might not be interested in financial profit but these people develop malwares for commercial and political ends. These people develop worms like Stuxnet which spreads the virus to the entire system and exploits multiple unknown windows. This worms perspective is not just effective the entire system but effects the physical world in the real time.
  6. Insiders: People within the organization who causes harm are known as insiders. These people are 20 % dangerous and cause 80 % of damage. For example , if an employee credentials are compromise, it can lead to data breach and company might end up paying a huge amount.
  7. Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Agents: These agents are highly knowledgeable and extremely talented. These people target high level organized people and cause damage in huge level. For example, these people can either protect the organization from threat or may threat to an organization depending upon their intension of using their knowledge and talent.

Effects of computer crime

Most of the organization lose billions of dollar yearly. Computer crime can cause a loss for an individual or for an organization. It could be $10 at individual level but it could be very huge amount like 325 billion $ for an organization loss due to computer crime. Throughout the world united stated has a high percentage in cyber-attacks. Due to high volume of cybercrime, most the organizations provide insurance. Along with the companies, the stick holders also bear the consequences when there is a data breach. When a confidential information is hacked or stolen from the employee or a company, it has to face many legal and public terms.Along with the money, they is huge time waste as many IT professionals spend lot of time to follows the incident response plan and implement new infrastructure. For the person who sells the information or hacks the information might a small thing but facing the consequences for a company is a very big deal. Below are the couple of examples for computer crime.

First example of computer crime is the network hack at Friend Finder412 million users accounts which contains their account details and personal information were exposed in Friend Finder. This is biggest data breach. Friend finder has very poor password protection polices and data protection techniques which caused a huge loss. As there are very less security measurements taken, hacker easily hacked their network and exposed the data. This data breach is the best example for the other companies, that how important it to take high end precautions and preventions to protect its data. Friend finder end up paying huge amount and faced all the legal and public consequences when the data breach occurred.

Second example for computer crime is Facebook. As we all know Facebook is the common social networking site where different people or friends communicate to each other and share their thoughts and opinion. Facebook contains millions of records and every single person in the society have accounts in Facebook. In the year 2018, on March 17th there is a huge data breach at Facebook and minimum of 87 million records were breached at Facebook. As Facebook is the public app, it faces lots of scrutiny in such situations. There are equal benefits and loss using Facebook. Though initially it got to know that 87 million accounts were breached, later on investigation it announced the actual count raised to more than 120 million accounts. To avoid such breaches in an organization, maintaining certain policies and procedures are very important. This is where CSIRT comes into picture and handles the data breaches or any other disasters that occur in the company. Every company has to form incident response team to handle the intrusions and organization has to make sure its conducting regular meetings to update their polices. Along with these, company has to make sure its educating their employees so that they will not be the reason for data breach or any other intrusion. Here by I conclude that these cybercrime is common and to avoid these computer crimes we have to take certain precautions and prevent the disaster.

11 February 2020
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