Discussion Of Whether People Should Be Allowed To Own Pitbulls

Pit bulls are the breed of dogs that often get classified as the violent breed. They get classified this way because of past incidents, such as pit bulls biting people. It’s not all that it seems though. Pit bulls are definitely not the only breed of dogs to bite with statistics showing they have a higher tolerance level than Border Collies who are thought to be one of the best dog breeds, but somehow pit bulls are the only ones that suffer because of negative stereotypes. People should be allowed to keep them, as long as they are responsible and they take care of them, just like they would for any other dog breed.

First of all, pit bulls are often only violent because of their owners. Abusive or mean owners beat on their pit bulls, and with time, the dog fights back. This is where cases come up with violent pit bulls. An example of a case where they were violent, there was a family of 3, which included a young boy and his parents. This family reported that in the dog park nearby, the pit bulls and their owners took over the park. They saw how the owners encouraged and taught the dogs how to fight each other, how the owners taught them to hang from trees by their mouth to strengthen their teeth. Because of the family witnessing this, they stayed away from the parks. The pit bulls had even almost attacked police officers, and they would have if the police officers hadn’t cowered off. Although the dogs did the “attacking”, it is because their owner initially made them that way. Pit bulls are also commonly used as the dogs in dog fights. They are trained to be vicious, again, making it their owners fault. If more people understood that, there would be a lot more against the idea of not allowing people to keep pit bulls.

In addition, pit bulls are proven to be very loving and loyal, similar to all other dogs. This is proven by numerous cases, which can be seen in the show Pit Boss. In this reality television show, Shorty Rossi has a few pit bulls living with him. Not to mention he rescues a number of pit bulls on the streets, sometimes making sure they have proper homes, sometimes taking them into his own home and if either solution doesn’t work out, he finds them a good shelter. This television program tries to overcome stereotypes by showing how pit bulls are, how owners influence them and show that all they need is love.

Not all would agree that pit bulls are loving and loyal, saying instead that they are violent. There are multiple cases that prove that they are to back that up. For example, one woman states, “One literally went for my leg and the other was trying to jump on top of me,” but then goes on and says, “These dogs were, like, trained to kill; trained to hurt and viciously attack people,” proving further of the previously stated point of how their owners are to blame, not the dogs. This can be also be seen in the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon when the main character says “Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things”. The same can be said for this amazing breed of dogs, therefore People should be allowed to keep them, as long as they are responsible and they take care of them, just like they would for any other dog breed. Pit bulls should be able to have a loving home, just like every other breed.

Pit bulls are being wrongly accused. They get put down often because of the way their owners taught them. That is the reason behind their violence. Not because they just want to attack everything possible! Pit bulls are kind, loving, loyal creatures. That is why people, if responsible and loving, should be allowed to keep pit bulls. Shorty Rossi from Pit Boss says “I yell because somewhere in a Las Angeles basement, there’s a pit bull with duct tape wrapped around her muzzle, being trained to kill while money changed hands. I yell ’cause on some news program in Denver, there’s a politician demonizing pit bulls to further his own career. I yell ’cause there’s some punk in Tampa got his fifth box of pit puppies and I know they’ll end up in the last cage of an animal shelter before they’re two. I yell ’cause humans can be the most brutal and heartless animals on the planet. I yell ’cause a pit bull can’t and somebody needs to.” 

16 December 2021
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