Why Pit Bulls Aren’t Born Bad

Times have changed, and it’s time to change the mind of the people on one of the most revered dog breeds in the world. I have had multiple mixed and full breed Pit Bulls, and they have not only been the sweetest dogs, but the easiest-to-train dogs that I've owned. “The term “pit bull” often designates how a dog looks and not a breed itself, typically leading to a larger degree of misplaced blame on these dogs”.

I plan to evaluate the idea that dogs aren’t born bad, aggression is a result of how they are raised, and that if you lead by example, dogs can be your greatest companions. The world’s most mixed-emotion dog can be the most loved animal throughout your lifetime.

Dogs do not grow up with wanting to fight, but like anything if you are born into something you will fall victim to its grip. Just like humans, how can one say dogs are born with hate in their heart, when more humans kill humans every year, than a dog kills us or other dogs? Bullyowner writes, “Although the media focuses on the negative aspects, in reality they can be awesome pets for the smart owner”. Pit Bulls are not born to be put into a fighting ring, and with the right training any dog can be the perfect dog. Casey further adds, “Aggressive dogs aren’t born that way”. Dogs are still animals, and no dogs are born with the innate ability to want to kill other dogs or humans. Meaning, the right owner can train a dog to its fullest potential. We can change the negative perception of Pit Bulls, because they aren’t as bad the world makes them out to be. Personally, I understand a Pit Bull's capacity to kill or damage, but I've never known one to be filled with hate; an even those abused are still good-hearted. If you meet the owner of an aggressive dog before meeting it, you can probably tell where the aggression comes from.

Pit Bulls were bread with the ability to fight. Adaption morphed them into a machine for an evil human’s enjoyment. With the correct training, any dog can be a sweetheart, but if trained to be a killing machine they will inevitably keep their name. When training my first Pit Bull, I never used force, and always stuck to verbal commands. I coupled that with minor punishments. Although no longer with me, she one of the sweetest and most perfect dogs I've raised. As stated in the article, “Like any other dogs, they can become violent, aggressive and mean through a lack of training, abuse, neglect and irresponsible ownership and breeding.” Pit Bulls cannot be inherently violent, because bad behavior is bestowed - not automatically bequeathed. I hope one day soon this beautiful and meticulous dog breed can be turned into one of the most wanted breeds on the market. If you evaluate the dog breed, it’s evident the breed is so repulsed by society because it is one of the few dogs in which violence reports are filed. Therefore, the public is only getting a snapshot of the breed’s behavior.

Leading by example is important in all areas of life, and for animal companionship it is necessary to follow that crucial rule. As dogs mature, the owner shapes them into the dog they want them to become. So, if you live to lead your dog to be a companion not a tool for damage, you may just have a lifetime friend. Like all dog breeds, Pit Bulls watch their owners every move. If you live an immoral life of aggression and sorrow, the dog will most likely follow your lead. This next article Bullyowner add, “Your Pit Bull will be you and your family’s best friend from the day you take them home to the day they pass away”. This statement is true among most Pit Bull owners, because they live the life you do. They then acquire your positive qualities. My Pit Lucy is rough with me as we play, but as soon as she sees any other human, she displays this wanting to be loved by anyone she is around. I have led by example, showing love, respect, and loyalty to other people and pets. As a result, she follows suit. Through positivity, owners get equally positive reactions in return. One bad apple doesn’t mean the entire species is made of bad apples.

Overall, the opinion people have of dogs is their own, but if you simply evaluate with experience of the species you may have a change of mind. With the right mind set, any “bad” things can be good, so you can’t base your opinion of a dog through hearsay. The world’s most revered dog also can be your greatest companion. When raised correctly, we as a people can prove not all dogs are born bad or raised with aggression. Leading by example is a must for all dog owners to follow no matter the breed.

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16 December 2021
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