How People Have Ruined The Reputation Of Pit Bulls

In every pitbulls lifetime, people have given them a bad reputation or have tried to abuse them. These people think that all pitbulls are going to be vicious and never give the dog a chance to show them that they are actually extremely good dogs. This has been happening ever since pitbulls have existed. It is a repeating cycle that only some people are trying to fix. People have affected the pitbulls reputation in many, many ways. Now, people are finally starting to help these misunderstood animals.

There have been some rumors going around saying that people are trying to ban pitbulls. People think that pitbulls are so dangerous that they have to be banned to help save lives. Just because pitbulls have hurt many people before does not mean that they are all dangerous. If we ever got rid of pitbulls, there would be less emotional healing dogs, less stroke warning dogs, and people would be heartbroken because they would never get to see their family dog again. Right now, many people are against people owning pit bulls and complain to everyone they can. If there was ever a pit bull ban, the owners of fighting dogs would just grab a different breed of dog that they think is aggressive to keep fighting and take the pitbulls place. So, that means that a pit bull ban would make no progress at all.

There are many inaccurate rumors about pitbulls. Including that people say pitbulls are naturally aggressive and always want to bite and attack people. That is wrong, pitbulls are trained to do so by owners that mistreat and abuse them. Pitbulls are not born aggressive, no dog is born aggressive, it's just the horrible and inaccurate rumors that people put on them that makes them such a hated breed. And also, these dogs always get reported for bites even when they didn't bite someone, but other breeds of dogs don't get reported even after they just bit someone really badly. So at this point in time, people are aiming specifically at pitbulls instead of any other breeds. That is another reason why people are ruining the reputation of pitbulls.

Pitbull statistics are finally starting to show and it turns out that only about 5 in one million pitbulls have bit or hurt someone. This shows that people are over exaggerating how supposedly ̈bad ̈ pit bulls are. The information that almost everyone believes is completely incorrect and rumorous. These statistics that are actually true are the ones that people actually need to see and believe, because the are seeing the lies and instantly believing them and not giving the pit bulls a chance to show how loving they are. Studies say that pit bulls are the second nicest dog that exist, right under the labrador retriever. They are also one of the most tolerant dogs and they will always obey and listen to you as long as the owners train them right. So, if u train your pit bull correctly, you will have one of the best dogs you could ever have.

Another reason why pitbulls are known to be bad is because their look and the way they are built. People that create dog fights look for the biggest and meanest looking dogs, so that means dogs such as pit bulls, bulldogs, etc are the main fighting dogs. And also people make them seem like the are symbols of violence, drugs culture, and gangs. Once again, people have ruined the reputation of pit bulls.

People think that if a pit bull is aggressive towards other animals, then they are also gonna be aggressive to humans. It is a myth that people made up and that is completely inaccurate. When pit bulls are aggressive to other animals, they could be protecting you and you don't even know it. They have the instinct to protect and help humans and other animals. The dogs could have had a bad experience in the past where they had to help someone or else the person would have gotten extremely injured or killed. They always keep their past in their head, so they will always have the protective instinct.

These dogs have never wanted to harm someone if they were not trained to. These dogs are trained to do much better and help the people rather than attack them. They are trained to be seizure watch dogs, diabetic alert dogs, and they comfort people in nursing homes who are not talkative or not friendly. These dogs also help find missing children and adults and help lost dementia patients. And they can also be something not as big but very helpful, they can help little kids with reading disabilities. The reason that they help is because, the kids with the disability wont read to an adult, but they will read to a dog that will sit there quietly with them. Pit bulls do so much more to help, rather than hurt. And people need to understand them.

Pit bulls also have a tendency of people always chaining them up, which causes a bad relationship between the owners and the dog, but can also affect the relationship between the dog and other people who are trying to help the dog or just trying to be friendly and pet them. Also, when a dog gets chained up, they can have feelings that every human is bad and that they don't want humans or they want to get rid of them. So, chaining a dog up can cause them to also be aggressive and want to attack people. But people think dogs are the problem, but the dogs problems, are actually the humans problems because they caused them to be that specific way.

Another myth about pit bulls is that they have a locking law. Pit bulls in fact, do not have a locking jaw and actually don't even have the strongest jaw out of any dog species. Pit bulls have a wider mouth which make the jaw stronger, but all pit bulls do not have wide skulls. And besides, having a strong jaw and wider skull does not make them more likely to bite. If they were more likely to bite, so would every other dog that has a strong jaw and wide skull.

People also think that people will eventually turn on their owners and never live their full life without hurting someone. It is a complete lie and is not true. Pretty much every single pit bull has lived their life being the friendliest dog they could possible be. And even if their owners abuse and hurt them, they still try to be the best dog they could be.

Overall, people have ruined the reputation of pit bulls in many, many ways, and now people are starting to help them because they realize that they are completely misunderstood.

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16 December 2021
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