Do All Students Need to Go to College: Personal Persuasion

Any student who is going to attend a college was thinking whether going there is more beneficial for him or her rather than quit this opportunity. “Do all students need to go to college?” is a persuasive essay that has the list of arguments on why students should attend college. In other words what are benefits for commiting such act? 

A four-year degree is beneficial because it provides valuable experiences, ultimately aids in furthering your career path as well as helps contribute to higher-paying professions. Having a degree also puts you ahead of your competition during the job hunt. Most job recruiters look for those with a Bachelor's degree or higher which makes it easier on their part because they want qualified adults who make it clear that they are perfect for the job because they have invested their time in attending college to advance their knowledge, critical thinking, and overall skills that are required to be considered for a given profession. Having a four-year degree is necessary to have because you have a higher chance of being financially stable, and have many higher-paying job opportunities.

Graduating from college can open doors to career paths you want to pursue and excel in. College graduates have a better chance of getting better jobs and being successful. It has been discovered that “Statistics have historically proven that college graduates have more job opportunities; also college graduates earn more money over their careers than those with lesser educations”. Some industries are more likely to require degrees. Some companies are searching really hard to provide the best applicants possible and will choose people with a college degree as a way to level out some of their application pool. However, some may say that a college education doesn’t always guarantee success. “Education isn’t a four-year program, It’s a mindset”. You don’t necessarily need to go to college. There are plenty of successful people out there who don’t have a degree. Many companies may be more interested in what you can bring to the table as in looking at your skill set and your potential then looking at a degree. You don’t need to head to college to become a genius in the area you want to pursue. Personal experience, combined with online resources can give you better knowledge and understanding of your field that a college degree couldn’t. However, this perspective is why people feel like they can do anything because these people got so far in their life without getting a degree. To break it down, for example, those against going to get a degree believe in the sign that if they can do it, I can do it. But just because one person accomplished something doesn't mean you can accomplish the same thing because you don’t know what they did to get there. You may also not have the drive they had to achieve their goals.

College is a good way to figure out who you are and want to be. People figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives in college. To make the shift, “College-educated Millennials are more likely to see themselves on a career path than just working to get them by”. The college provides so many opportunities and programs to find out what career you want. When you figure out what you want to study, college can put you on the right track to reach your goals. However, some may argue against this and point out that you can figure out what you want to do with your life without wasting your money with college. “There is now $1 trillion in outstanding student debt, with $117 billion tacked on last year alone, according to the calculations by the consumer financial Protection Bureau”. Students get into so much debt over the years because they don't have enough money to continue the class. Students who don't know what they want to major in would go into a major and may not like it and waste their money on something they didn't want to pursue. Not everyone has the money to jump to different majors. People have to think rationally before they go to college and make sure the major they chose to study is the major they want to pursue as their career. In response to this, it is true that in some situations people should wait and figure out what they want to do and wait till they have enough money to pursue it before going into college. College does take a lot of money from you and you should at least know what you want to study before putting your money into it.

Getting a four-year degree will be the best decision you've ever made because it will open doors and give you a path to success. College is really important, getting your degree is important. One day you may want to take the next step in your career and you might not be able to go forward because you didn’t have that degree. A lot of company now looks to see if you got a degree and you don’t want to regret not getting the job because you didn’t get a degree.

11 February 2023
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