Education System In India & Canada

The word “Education” which gives a different meaning to a human life. A huge difference can easily be noticed in behaviors, etiquette, thinking, intelligence of an educated and non educated man. Education gives an assorted level of confidence and stability to a human life. Everyone deserves a good education. The most effected thing by education is one's perspective towards life. Hard work is not the only key to success in fact education, knowledge, learning skills all lead together on the path of success. Schools play a vital role in providing such knowledge to the student where one learns more about the surroundings. But there are many lessons which are not taught in schools and a human learns it by his own practical life experiences. With both the ways, one gains something which nobody can steal from him. It is undeniable that education brings a better version of this world to us.

One comes to know about all the hidden talents which one could never find out or express until something hits him while learning. This world is not perfect and it will never be, though it requires changes after every certain period of time, understanding through education brings that within oneself. While learning and experiencing a human mind can think of numerous better ways to make the best possible changes. The economic growth of a nation is dependent on its citizens, specially the growing youth. Different countries have different ways of providing education, they follow a variety of rules and regulations. Comparing the education system of India and Canada points out a list of divergence. India is a country where education of everything is considered to be every important. India facilitates with variant school levels like kindergarten, senior secondary school, high school which are private as well as public.

In spite of educating a huge population, the illiteracy rate in the country is very high. The education system in India is very complex. Their education system doesn't focus on practical experience in fact they focus on bookish learning only. That's what creates an unbearable burden on students and they loose personal development somewhere. The weight of a school going kid's bag is heavier than his own body's weight. There are so many things to be covered in the syllabus which has nothing to do with the practical, real life and one hardly use it in his career. Students are pressurized to get better grades and are expected to every damn thing out of a broad spectrum.

The concept of freedom of one's own choice is very rare in India. Highly paid designations like engineer, doctor are the only ones which are considered to be well settled jobs. Most of the children aren't left with any choice to pursue what they like in fact they are forced to get into such professions which are going to get them a highly paid career. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of pursuing something which gives you relief and happiness. Though in India children are forced to follow the trend not their own dreams. A few families can be seen giving their kids such kind of opportunities otherwise rest of the people just spend their life under pressure and when its unbearable to go with, another suicide case takes place. Most of the suicidal cases in India have been due to failure or non interest in studies. In the past few years the suicidal cases in engineering and medical colleges have increased to the peak. To test the capabilities, exams are the only way being followed in Indian education system. 80 percent of the judgment is based on the final written exam rather than testing the practical or interpersonal skills. Indian education system follows homework system and students just copy their homework or assignments form google and get it submitted to get higher studies.

By doing so they are not learning or developing anything but just get a degree or certification of the course. The burden of big books, heavy bags, peer pressure, society pressure, non supportive families never let growth or development to take place. The only benefit of Indian education system is that most of the possible things have to be covered in the syllabus so one can be expected to know almost everything. Nobody knows what and where the life is going to turn so the Indian education system makes their students ready to face every kind of situation. In contrast, the Canadian education system is very open, flexible and stress free. There is nothing like one has to choose highly paid professions only. Every individual, every profession is respected in Canada.

There is no society pressure to be faced while pursuing one's own dream job or profession. The degree or certification courses have a limited and short syllabus to be followed. The exam patterns are way too different. The motive of exams is not to fail or judge students. In Canada, final exams definitely acquire higher percentage of the total but not up to 80 percent, so students aren't judged on the final exam basis only. The study here come up with such courses and such subjects which teach the students the real life scenarios so that when the student will get into the market to start his own career he is well prepared and he is familiar to the situations he has to handle. The courses like sales and marketing actually puts students in such situations where they have to deal with all the possible real life scenarios. The Canada government offers free education to a specific age and as a result of it the illiteracy rate in Canada is very less as compared to many other countries of the world.

In Canadian schools kids are not forced to study in fact in those years teachers or their care takers in school try to observe and find out what the kid is good at so that later on the kid can be put into the same interest and he might opt it as his profession too. The school,colleges, parents, society everyone focus on a satisfactory and happy life rather than a rich life. Leading a highly paid career is not as important for the Canadians as a self satisfactory life. Students are encouraged to be a regular participant in extra curriculum activities rather than just being indulged in the books. A very important point which creates main difference in a developed and undeveloped education system of both the countries, is freedom of one's own choice. In Canada, a two year old is even asked what he wants to eat or play and so in education interest whereas in India, a young school pass out is even not asked which degree or course he wants to get into.

The Canadian education system motivates not only students but others also to follow their dreams and pursue a career of their choice, to do what they are best at. India is too developing towards it where Canada has already reached. As there is no mental pressure due to studies so people lead a healthy life which definitely effects the other aspects of the nation's growth and development. When someone does something by heart and soul, the result has to be phenomenal, letting people lead what they are good at, gives the country the best producers. Education is something which builds a good character in a human being instead of making him a cramming machine.

11 February 2020
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