Everyday Heroes: How Everyone Can Be A Hero

Have you ever thought about all the heros that serve us today, or even the heroic warriors in the past? Honestly, tThere has always been a hero since the darkest ages of time. But it's just a matter of time until the next generations of heroes are born. Therefore, if this world was more viag of heros than it is now, there would be no happiness, no freedom, the fate of humanity would crumble in our fingertips. Anyone can be brave, but heroes are brave for 10 minutes longer.

The world has an absurd way of making a cycle of different variables, for every single disappointing and absolute disrespectful acts, there are always good variables, but some people just run out of time to wait for a hero to come and rescue them from an un-thoughtful act. So what they do, they step up their game and change their path in the world and how they impact their world. They do this for the greater good, and they impact on others opinions and help them do the same. See, it's insane how humanity has as a whole cycle for both good and bad the create a balance.

As much as we dont want to think about it, there are also the people who try their absolute hardest to put others in harm, danger, or terror. These are the complete opposite of the hero's most of us all deserve. These are the villains in our world, they can be physical, for example, terrorists. Or they can be inside your head, they can be a challenge or a goal that your trying to beat. And they are all a thought drifting in out head. Heroes aren't the people who try to harm, they stubbornly fight for what's right for their mind.

Heros are the people who are outstanding in the society. Ever since the world has been somewhat humian, there have always been heroes. Some of the best heroes in anyone's life, are just the people they see everyday, whether its their friends, or family, anyone can be a hero it just matters on the time, place or situation they are in at the time. There can be heroes just walking down the same path as you everyday, in someone's mind no matter who, they are a hero to them. They can be ordinary people but everyone has a heroic personality to someone. Some of the lost hero’s are the ones from the tragic attacks of 9/11/01 these heros will always be in american history.

It is inane to think of the next generation who will be taking control of the next era and the generations after that. There will always need to be heros in order for the success of the next generations to come. We need heros in this world or this cycle will crumble. There are two paths for you to take now so what are you going to choose? 

16 December 2021
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