Factory Farmed Food In Canada

Each morning, animals in factory farms wake up in a dark, damp room, completely squished up against other animals and their waste. The whole cage stinks of feces, dirt and sweat and it is impossible to even stretch as there are so many other animals packed together in the tiny cage. This is a typical morning for animals raised in a factory farm. Factory farming is a livestock production service that mass produces animals for human consumption. Since this capitalist practice only focuses on profit, animal welfare is completely disregarded, leading to extreme animal abuse and hormone packed meat. Because there is an extremely high demand for meat in our society, many may wonder how local farmers could ever keep up. Its is because of this that many would disagree, however, despite these beliefs, factory farming should be prohibited to encourage ethical treatment of animals in Canada.

Local farmers develop more intimate relationships with their animals, therefore leading to more ethical treatment of the animals. By ending factory farming, these local farmers would be given more business opportunities, which ultimately benefits the local economy and animal welfare. Local Ottawa farmer, Mark White says that “ [he] and all other farmer that [he] has worked with, raise their animals in an extremely loving environment and put them down in the most ethical ways possible”.

Mr White also explains that many local farmers cannot sustain themselves and they must have a different primary job, causing farmers to be unable to focus their full efforts on their craft. If mass animal agriculture production industries were shut down, more business opportunities would arise for farmers, allowing them to focus all their energy on farming. This would ultimately result in the ability to fulfill today's demand for meat as much more product would be available.

Many believe that shutting down factory farms would cause a decline in the economy, but actually, by supporting local farmers the local economy would actually thrive as more money is staying in the community rather than going directly into corporations. Not only does supporting local farmers boost the economy and promote ethical treatment of animals, but locally farmed meat is also drastically healthier. Locally farmed meat is much safer as no chemicals or hormones get added.

There was a study done by Dr Mac Frincho on how hormones in meat affect humans. He tested the health of two groups of people. The first group being people of all ages who eat only factory farmed meat and the second being people of all ages who only buy their meat from farms. The results show that the bodies of people who eat mass produced meat were full of toxins that drastically hinder human development. Not only will these toxins cause bad breath, weight gain, muscle problems, and even organ problems, but also causing young girls to start menstruating as early as 5 years old.

These findings are no surprise, however it is absolutely astonishing that governments still support this poisonous corporation. Not only does injecting hormones and chemicals into animals hinder their development, but also has negative developmental effects on humans as well. Factory farming is an extremely corrupt corporation that exploits animals for their meat. Chickens are shoved in small compact cages where they are raised in theirs and other animals waste. These chickens are then injected with hormones intended to make them grow faster. This causes them to grow so big that they cannot support the weight of their body and are left immobilized. This process is extremely unethical and unnecessary and since there are no regulations on how chickens must be treated, these corporations can legally do whatever they want to them including the ability to kill them in the most painful ways such as electrocution and beheading.

Since many humans are not willing to give up consumption of animal products, the agriculture must be done in a more ethical and sustainable way. Local farmers will produce meat in the most ethical ways possible while also offering the most healthy product. These types of industries are not productive in our society and should be closed. Factory farms are a capitalistic organization whose main focus is income, no matter who is harmed in the process, this includes both animals and humans. These industries should be banned in Canada as animal welfare is not a priority. It is reasonable to ask for half of Canada’s factory farms to be shut down the the next ten years and to do this, it is important to boycott all factory farmed food, only purchasing locally farmed animal products and help spread awareness to the rest of our country.

11 February 2020
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