Fear And Fhobias In My Life

Fear is an unpleasant emotion and it is an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes change in human’s brain and as well as in behavior. Fear can lead to a danger zone were people commits suicide in order to avoid fear. Fear arises from confrontation. People experience fear in different ways and are afraid of different situation where they do not want to happen in reality.

Inappropriate fear is known as ‘Phobia’ and there are numerous phobias. I am not a pessimist but it does not mean I never fear for any situation. Fear is like a mother nature where we could not avoid fear from our mind. Most people have glossophobia which is known as performance anxiety but I don’t suffer from glossophobia which I feel proud for myself but I have phobias which most people don’t have it’s like I am just the opposite for a normal person as most people suffer from glossophobia, acrophobia (fear of heights) and aviophobia (fear of flying) but I don’t suffer from these phobias in fact I love to face the audience, and I love to bird watch from the top of the tall buildings and it is my dream to sky dive from a great height and I love to travel in airplane but my phobia is dentophobia(fear of a dentist) this phobia makes my life miserable. Most people find difficulty to face the crowd, heights and flying but for me it’s just like a piece of cake for me and my phobia is like a piece of cake for other people. I feel god isn’t being fair to me. The most thing that I am afraid of is dentist. I always get scolding from my mom as I never go for dental checkup as I really hate to go for a dental checkup, when I was small my mom used to make an appointment with the dentist and I use to be really anxious and use to ask her the date for the dental checkup and exactly at that day I used to hide the whole day to avoid dental checkup, I repeated this action for several times but once my mom was so clever were she told me that she will be taking me for a ride and for toy shopping I was so excited and instead of a toy store I landed up in hospital for dental checkup that was the day where I felt my mom is like a villain, I cried a lot and hold on to a pole but my mom was so strong were she dragged me and carried me on her shoulder and took me in front of the dentist, that was the day where I felt like I have experienced “HOLOCAST” in concentration camp.

So in order to overcome my fear for dental checkup I guess I really have to know the disadvantages for avoiding dental checkup and affect for my health and I may occur health issue if I prolong to avoid dental checkups so I really need to care my health specially my gum and teeth as its essential to keep my mouth hygiene and to rejuvenate. So I must focus and have a bold courage to face the dentist and to go under a dental checkup.

So fear is the collection of perception and sensation. We cannot get rid of fear as it is like a mother nature where fear never leaves us alone but fear can be adjusted by learning new things for alternative choice to overcome fear so we should have vital courage to face fear to have a potential optimism.

15 July 2020
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