Footballers Who Ruined Their Career With Excessive Of Money

When you talk about footballers, you're talking about money making men. They are one of the highest employees in the world. They live in affluence and can afford to live the lifestyle they choose. Just as money is good, something it enters into people's heads and they begin to thread the wrong path.

Just as unwise decisions and injuries can ruin the football career of footballers, greed can also claim a fair share part of sending a football to the grass. You may argue that excessive love of money isn't the root of all evil, but let's try to consider the following professional footballers.

Nicholas Anelka

During his prime, he really played good football at age 20. He sacrificed a good amount of discipline and persistence to get to professional football level but it's a pity that Anelka thread the wrong path by his greed and lackadaisical behavior. Anelka was already getting to the peak every promising player want to get when he scored 17 goals in 35 appearances for the gunners during 1998-99 season. At age 20, he was one of the youngest sought players in Europe. At a point, Anelka was making outrageous demands and Arsenal Wenger sold him to Real Madrid who bid a whooping £22.3m. Anelka got to Madrid and flopped badly. Afterwards, he was sold back and forth between European clubs before he finally found himself in Chesley in his late age.

Paul Merson

This young man promising player started career at Arsenal before playing for Hull City. His problem started with cocaine addiction. Instead of FA to ban him, they decided to help him but all their effort proved futile. When Merson was sold to Aston Villa, he confessed he wanted to have his fingers broken so that he would do away with gambling. Merson was jumping from one debt to the other and he finally claimed that his love for excessive money played a very important role in ruining his life.

Emmanuel Adebayor

He's a Congolese born footballer who played for Monaco before he was sold to Arsenal. When he came to Arsenal, Arsenal Wenger really tried his best to help him become a fan of the favorite in his first season. In his second season, he scored up to 30 goals. He was actually paid paid twice for doing half the work that was expected of him. Emmanuel Adebayor seemed not to be happy with what he was earning but always making outrageous demands out of his greed. He finally jumped at €25 million bid of Manchester City. He wasn't an intelligent player but more of a careless, clumsy and greedy player. He was later sold to Lyon who realized Adebayor was nothing but an expensive problem


Some of us can still remember Andriano was a very good player with the likes of Roberto Calous, Cafu, etc. Above is the picture of Andriano having shave in Rio. During his prime, he had the potential to be one of the best strikers in the world in 2000s. He rose to fame with the speed of light and riches took him down. During his time in Parma, he was able to score 23 goals in 37 games and by the time he was sold to Inter Android also perform well by scoring 38 goals in 78 appearances which earned him a 5 year deal by Inter One could say that his fortune marked the beginning of his failure. He began a player who couldn't do without clubbing and drinking. He was always going around with prostitutes and started performing poorly in matches. Nowadays, Andriano can be found in Rio roaming around with his gangs. What a sad end for Andriano .

11 February 2020
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