Genghis Khan And His Rule In Mongolia

Genghis Khan is an emperor that left a deep mark in the world history. War is an unnecessary and a chaotic element of force in the world that brought catastrophe; but to the Universal Emperor or also known as Genghis Khan, it is the path he took as he conquered half of the world.

Temujin, Genghis Khan's birth name, was born around 1100 according to the records. Temujin grew up not being brave and courageous, but timid and always getting bullied at. But desperate times calls for desperate measures. Temujin, after her mischievous father got poisoned and they were left by their own band, he learned not only about survival techniques but fundamental tactics. Temujin killed his own older brother after he got angered by how his older brother always took the food that he hunted by himself. After how many years, he searched for Börte, the girl his father told him to marry. Surprisingly, Börte waited for him to come back. They both got married and Temujin got contented with his life after he went to Ong Khan, offering him the most beautiful robe. Blood is thicker than water, Ong Khan accepted Temujin as his son and the latter accepted him as his father. Temujin's family had all the protection after they moved out to the custody of the Khan. Temujin is contented and happy with his life, but the world is not all about that.

The most intelligent and tyrant decisions of Genghis Khan, as a ruler, lead the Mongol Empire or Mongolian Empire to become one of the biggest, most prominent land-based realm in the history. According to some researches, he trusted and believed that the heavens above had given the world to the Mongols and it is their duty to turn a divine will into a reality. That is why when he conquered the empire, he made sure to rule them by fixed laws aiming to prevail rest and happiness in the world. Governed by the legal code called Yassa - Khan developed this from the common Mongol Law. His stay as a leader mainly advocated literacy, religious freedom, trade, and prohibition of adultery, theft, false witnesses; which benefited its people to be well disciplined. However, in the later years of ruling, when he started his conquests of the Western Xia Dynasty, the Kara Khitan Empire, and the Khwarazmian Empire, destruction has started to whoever will resist him and the Mongols. Each of his soldier were requiered to execute anyone and anything, may it be a group or people or an entire city, to be executed when they choose not to cooperate. This has been the ending of his image as a peace advocate leader and resulting Genghis to be considered as a dark historical figure across the local people in Asia.

A lot of people in the world has heard the name Genghis Khan, however their perception about his legacy depends upon the places and the teachings they have acquired. In some of the researches that has been made in the past, it is said that in Europe, in some areas of Asia and in the USA, the name Genghis Khan is synonymous with negative connotations like barbaric, brutality, murder and destruction. However in some of the places of Asia he is seen as a hero, a unifier and a tactical military leader. In conclusion, Genghis Khan provided union but at the same time, have brought destruction as well. Quite a bit of a paradox but it cannot be denied that the great Genghis Khan left a huge and deep mark in the world history.

16 December 2021
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