Good Values And Principles In Life

Every dedicated parents in this world would love their children to grow up and become a decent adult with good manners and values. As I grow up, my parents had taught me numbers of good values and principles in life. The greatest value of all in my household is love. The value of love is found through dedication and devotion towards someone or something we love. Since I was young, I was taught to love myself to know myself worth. I was also taught to love everyone, the people who loves me and even those who hates me. Most importantly, I was taught about the love of a family being the greatest love of all. Family always comes first because family is forever. Love unites us together as one family and enables us to care for each other deeply. Love can subjective as well as objective. Love is mainly objective when the love is for non-alive things such as gadgets, bags or cars. Objective love is conditional because when it comes to something you look for the value or criteria of the thing to be in love with it. On the other side, love is mainly subjective when it is towards a person. It is unconditional as you don’t need reasons to love and care for them. Love for our parents, relatives, family and friends are all subjective. Love and humankind are inseparable; therefore we should always love and cherish those who are around us.

Next, another value my parents emphasized is respect. Respect is politeness, honour and care shown towards someone or something. My parents would remind me to always respect others whether they are someone I know or even strangers regardless the person’s background. They taught me manners on how to treat elderlies such as using appropriate title to call them and polite tone of voice while talking to them. Another instance, my parents also stressed on the use of polite, mannerly language in daily conversations with others. For example, a small token of apprieciation can be simply given to the people who helped us or gave us a present by saying ‘thank you’ with a sincere smile. As someone I look up to, my parents played important role in showing me good examples for being nice to others. In my opinion respect is an objective value because it is something universally good regardless any matter circumstances and who it is directed to. One should respect others in order to gain respect as well.

03 December 2019
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