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How I See The Perfect World

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As human beings we are constantly striving for perfection in our world, but everyone’s interpretation of a perfect world is different. In my perfect world, humans minds have evolved, and we have realized the damage and destruction we’ve been causing the earth and the people living on it. After many years we’ve managed to create peace and equality in our world. There is no greed, gluttony, envy or wrath in my world. Everyone works together to maintain the peace that has been achieved, though everyone is still working to improve the way of life and repair the damage caused by humans in the past.

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In my world, everything would be eco-friendly and only forms of renewable energy would be used. The streets would not be used for cars, as we would not have any, they would be filled with people. We would use Personal Rapid Transport systems as transportation within cities, which would run above the streets, and Hyperloop in order to travel between major cities and countries. All houses would be unique and be on a property of 1-2 acres of land, in order for everyone to have privacy and space. There would be no busy streets near any of the living spaces, and there would be a nice park with a community garden, in every area of housing.

I have always loved seeing all of the different cultures around the world, so in this new world, they would remain the same. Everyone’s cultural background, religion, and sexuality would all be accepted in my world and everyone would be respectful of them. People would also have the freedom of speaking their native language, but it would be mandatory to learn the universal language, which would simply be known as common. This rule is mandatory in order to avoid any communication barriers anyone might have. I believe that your culture represents part of who you are, it is special and shows peoples individuality, that is why I have decided to keep it the same.

In order for everyone to be happy and healthy, free healthcare, food, and water would be available to everyone. There would be grocery stores for everyone to get their food from, and people with dietary restrictions would have a card in order to access the special food they need (I.e. lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free etc.). There would be no preservatives placed in foods and products would contain low amounts of sugar and salt. Every house would have a built-in healthcare section where they could be treated for simple medical issues, and there would be 24-7 doctors available in any health care unit for emergencies. All medical surgeries are free and there would be no plastic surgeries in order to improve appearance as we would not have any beauty standards.

03 December 2019

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