How To Cope With Stress

Develop a good attitude

Stress is a feeling of emotional response to a threat or challenge in everyday life and thus one ought to know how to deal with it so that it does not affect the mental and health status of the body. Developing a positive attitude is a good instinctive approach in managing stress by formulating a plan or action to tackle the impending threat rather than complaining or fearing for the worst that could happen. In today’s lifestyle, stress could occur in different ways, therefore, necessitates a bold step of faith and self-encouragement that anything is possible with brevity and strength and having a mindset of positive intervention to overcome the challenges causing the stress.

Find solutions

A solution is as important as the challenge and therefore identifying the weak points that can be corrected and initiating a clear action plan having solutions goes a long way in relieving stress. This focuses on the issue causing stress by providing real-life solutions to uplift anger or anxiety from developing which results in minimizing the time given to think about the issue. Providing solutions involves identifying the core problem such as arriving late for work caused by traffic jam which puts the job at risk, therefore, waking up early is one of the possible solutions and moving near to work eliminating the unknown scenarios that are impending dangers.


Being able to identify the root cause of the problem, the risks involved with it and the emotional control helps in managing the stress levels as some people are wholly overpowered making them anxious and immobilized. Self-awareness enables us to acknowledge the presence of a challenge and what needs to be prioritized so as to accomplish the pending activities with enough information to avoid miscalculation or omissions by doing in-depth research of the challenges. It’s important to take time for self-reflection so as to take care of issues such as physical fitness, diet or complete daily tasks to achieve a sense of accomplishment and also boost self-confidence which annuls the developing stress and sets the time for reorganization aiming at resolving the challenge.

Regular exercise

Regular body exercise maintains the central nervous system at a balance which aids in blood flow to the brain and keeps the hormones in check forcing the stress hormones out. Physical exercise is so important in managing stress by a bigger margin articulated to the health achievements and physical fitness as it develops a habit of stress relieve since it acts as a distraction from normal activities and aids in spending leisure time. This comes in hand with practicing breathing exercises by inhaling deeply and slowly making the lungs inflate and exhaling giving a feeling of relaxation as done in yoga. Instincts of the body react to defend therefore dedicating time each day for exercise helps in relaxing the mind and acts as refresh feed in the daily activities especially after a tiresome day.

Social interaction

Engaging in support groups and interacting with different people helps to reduce stress. Being listened to triggers a sense of feeling of acknowledgment and recognition which aids in releasing hormones that counter stress hormones therefore important to talk face to face with other people. This can be done by engaging in sporting activities such as badminton, joining social support groups of positive minded people with clear aims and goals of helping each other, attending weddings and other social events helps even meet distance friends which prove to be a surprisingly positive medium for sharing ideas and challenges resulting to unloading the congestion of stress making a clear mind refreshment and acquisition of new ideas to think about and even acquire new techniques to aid or eliminate posing challenges.

Laughter as a sense of humor

Laughter resets the mind and cuts anxiety levels by some margin and therefore laughing once in a day despite the life frustrations and difficulties have a positive effect in moods and stress tensions in the body. Maintaining humor develops an optimistic attitude towards life and even improves the skin pigment to be smoother and nicer which reduces stress and develops immunity. To maintain a sense of humor, however difficult it poses, one must be able to find humble time to even watch a comic clip or favorite television show which results in best healing of the soul and individual outlook relative to managing stresses. Smiling goes also hand in hand with laughter as it portrays the same feeling of happiness which in turn encourages one to be happier, stronger and ready to tackle life by all means possible.

Avoid substance and alcohol abuse

Many people believe taking substance and alcohol will help reduce stress but rather it worsens the situation. Eliminating these temporary stress relievers is important because it poses a health danger and even financial stress in one’s life. Well maintained and fed individuals are stronger and more composed to cope with stress since it’s not difficult for them to put extra effort in the fight to achieve the best out of life. Some substances cause depression which may lead to seeking medical attention and even unstable mental health, therefore, should be avoided by all means.

Enough sleep

Maintaining a regular sleeping habit will help the body to tolerate and overcome the stress that presents itself during the active hours. Practicing meditation and stress reduction techniques keeps the mind active and thus may aid in getting enough sleep at night of seven to eight hours regularly. Also engaging in relaxing activities before sleeping is healthy such as listening to slow music and avoiding bright lights is essential for a good sleep. Avoid arguing and trying to solve problems before sleeping as it only intensifies stress so that the hormones are not triggered to work in turn position your strategy for evening activities as a priority for reducing stress and getting good sleep without compromise. Also, it’s good to avoid caffeine or traumatizing movies just before sleeping to reduce anxiety and frustration.

13 January 2020
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