How to Survive Alone in the Desert

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Let’s move on to the most important subject that can potentially save your life. To find water in a dried-out area much like a desert, dig a hole that is 1ft deep. When putting your hand in the hole feel for any moisture if an Did you know that more than one third of the Earth is covered by desert? Therefore, some people are bound to get lost in the desert. So, having knowledge on things including how to protect yourself, finding different foods and how and where to look for water supplies is very important to ensure your safety in order to survive this event.

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Let’s start off on how to protect yourself. While lost in a waste land like such it can be very hot during the day. So, traveling during the night is more efficient. It can be very dangerous getting stuck under a hot sun. This situation can give you sunburns, heat stroke and dehydration. Another tip on how to protect yourself is to stay away from dangerous animals or any animal for that matter. You never know if there’s a scared animal ready to defend themselves, so stay clear. To add on that subject, it’s important to remember not to touch any plants that are unknown or seem dangerous, like a cactus. With minimum supplies, cutting yourself on an unknown plant can give you a high risk of getting an infection and end up very sick.

Now on to finding food. To start off, it would be smart as to start scavenging for fruits and veggies, because it takes less energy and is easy to do. Secondly, if not skilled in the hunting department you could build an easy trap made from wood, mud and rocks. So that during that time you can search for other resources such as water. There are many foods that grow and live in the desert but to know which ones are safe to eat is very hard. So here are some examples on foods that are all right to consume. Reptiles are very high in protein and are not hard to catch. But they are considered to be carrying salmonella. So be very cautious while catching and potentially eating one. Thoroughly wash and cook them as to not catch the diseases they carry. If the thought of eating a reptile is too unpleasant to you, there are other things that you can find in this dried-out wilderness. For instance, the fruits from a cactus. It can be slightly dangerous trying to pick the fruit off this spiky plant but according to a lot of experts say that the veggies and fruits off a cactus one of the safest things to eat in the desert.

Expand the hole 1ft in length. Come back to the hole in about a couple hours until the hole starts accumulating water. If not carrying an empty water bottle or anything that could hold the water use a piece of clothing and absorb the water, then drink it. Like said, travelling during the night can also keep up to three quarts of water in your body each day. To add, another good tip is that right in the morning rocks tend to have cool bases. You could flip the rocks over just before dawn to benefit from condensation. Any medic knows that your digestive system uses water while going through the process of digesting food. So, a good way to conserve water that is already in your body is to avoid eating a lot of food while stranded. By doing this you will be able to keep your energy up just as much as your water level in your body. In the book Holes, if Zero and Stanley would have used some of the tips given on how to find water and where to find it, they would be able to avoid many situations such as dehydration and maybe even evade getting sick and almost dying.

After being well filled in on how to protect yourself, finding resources such as water and food, do you think you could survive a week in the desert? Maybe before leaving your house to go on a hike or a journey through the desert make sure you are ready for any situation. Because anything can happen it this deserted waste land, we so happily call the desert. 

29 April 2022

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