Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake: The Top Three Favorites

Notwithstanding of whether it is to commend a birthday, an event, a memory, any accomplishment significant or breakthrough, the cake may be a major part of the celebrations. It may be a leave that’s given as a blessing, and it could be a frame of imaginative craftsmanship. Cakes come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. They all start the same way but, many people may alter to their liking. However, in many families, Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Red Velvet Cake are the top three favorites.

First, Yellow Cake is the easiest to make out of all three of these cakes. This cake is made different ways and has hardly no ingredients. The foundation for this cake is six tablespoons butter softened, three large eggs, and two thirds cup of milk. The ingredients come all together well in a small bowl mix carefully. Next, requires a pan for baking that is big enough for all the cake batter to fit in it. Many deserts are started from the Yellow Cake and can transform into anything. For instance, take a yellow cake you can add toppings or icing on top for decorations. As a result, this is the best cake for small children who like decorating cakes.

Similar to the Yellow Cake, the Chocolate Cake is the number one cake in America since the nation eats millions of pounds of Chocolate each year. It consists of a simple yellow cake recipe with only chocolate chips in the batter and in the creamy frosting. The mixing process is not that hard if you remember that the chocolate must be melted. Often this cake is the go to cake because it requires little to moderate skills when making this cake, and even kids can help when baking it. In addition, it may be baked in a square pan or any shape you may desire. Lastly, all cakes either needs icing or decorations but, it is up to you on what you do with your cake.

Immediately after comes my favorite cake in the whole world which is the Red Velvet cake. This cake is gorgeous, a work of art, and very delicious. With a white butter cream icing and a red velvet core. It goes well with anything on the table during every holiday and every birthday or even a celebration. The structure for this cake in the icing is made of one-half cup of softened butter, one half cup of shortening, one teaspoon vanilla extract, four cups of sugar and two tablespoons of milk. There are many options to making this icing, but everybody has their own preference. Some people might use a different icing or add things into the cake for example buttermilk, food coloring to add and extra emphasis to the water mouth. This desert is a great choice for small groups of people, on the other hand this particular cake can get expensive.

For every mouthwatering person reading this that wants a good ole bite of grandma’s Yellow cake, Chocolate cake, and Red Velvet cake there is many ways to make these cakes. Along with the hundreds of possible cake recipes. Although the simplest one is easy and quick to make may not be the best option for you. Whether being served at a party, celebration or even at a wedding, a cake will taste and be made different by everyone.

07 July 2022
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