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HR Strategies For Employer Reputation

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Due to the ever-changing technology, employer branding is becoming a key focus aspect in HR. The need for hiring is persistently rising and we are now facing a candidate driven market. It is easier for some industries to draw clients than it is to employ new members who can deliver the products/ service adequately. This year, more organizations have realized the importance of aligning employer value proposition (EVP) with the organization’s core values and HR strategies. As the war for talent continues, firms need to put greater focus on innovation and brand differentiation. Larger companies have put employer reputation among the top priorities for the coming year.

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Authenticity and Personalization – Create Purposeful Social Media and Video Content

There is a growing trend in social media and video content. In order to reach young employees, organizations have started to invest heavily in digital advertising and marketing. As Gen Y and Z start dominating the workforce, organizations will need to adjust their HR strategies. These generations have different viewing habits and expectations. A firm will need to adjust accordingly and market itself more using these platforms. Additionally, Gen Y and Z rely heavily on digital content for employer reputation. They are more inclined to source for information on social media platforms as opposed to scanning through a company’s website. As such, employers will have to invest in quality content management and strategies. Content management is the maintenance of a company’s internet presence – from the keywords, tone, and format used, to the type of data displayed on the net whereas content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and management of a company’s online content. Content strategy lays out how a firm’s onsite and offsite material’s will be used to achieve the company’s set goals.

Adopt Software that use AI Technology

As of 2018, more candidates are using their mobile phones to read up on a company and apply for job positions. In 2008, there were more than 70% of job-related traffic derived from mobile phones. If you want to keep up with the latest trend, then implementing this new strategy is a must. Unfortunately, most companies have still not adopted this method and are missing out on qualified employees due to the lack of trend adjustments. In the coming year, companies need to optimize their website to be mobile-friendly. A candidate should be able to create a job application using a one-click application procedure from their smartphones. With the ever-changing technology advancements, companies need to create employment application forms that are entirely attuned with smartphones and tablets. We can anticipate more virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to keep on altering the technique in which company branding is conveyed. Companies will begin to take prospect candidates’ experiences to the next level. For example; British Army used virtual reality in their enrollment promotion earlier this year to present the road-show to candidates. This resulted in a positive employer reputation and approximately 66% more employment applications.

Omni-Channels to Integrate Candidate Experiences

Candidates are now engaging with companies via Omni-channel campaigns such as websites, job portals & pages, career events, and social media. These campaigns can be advantageous for employers to engage their audience; especially if this strategy is combined with instantaneous responses though an SMS, email, or other digital platforms. Providing excellent consumer experience is imperative to every business. A few years back, using the internet for your brand’s reputation was unheard of. Nowadays, you are undoubtedly going to lose out on great opportunities if social media is not applied as a marketing tool. Like it or not, people will talk about your product/services. Whether it’s complimenting or criticizing them, individuals will attempt to get in touch with you via social sites and leave their two cents there. How you draft your replies, as well as the response time, will have an impact on your company – positive or negative. Organizations will be able to eliminate any candidate confusion when their brand content is consistent across multiple channels.

18 March 2020

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