Internship Report: Manager In Foreign Activity

As a part of my Bachelor studies from August 1st, 2018 to November 30th, 2018, in total 3 months I had internship in Ukrainian company, the name is “Alef Limited company” which purchase, process, storage and export of organic agricultural products of Ukrainian origin to the countries of EU. The main aim of my internship was to use my theoretical knowledge to receiving practical.

My main duty was to assist in implementing the goals of the Division, which included various tasks depending on the daily activities of my colleagues and the head of the Division. Moreover, the prominent area I specialized in was manager in foreign activity plus assist logistics.

The first task was implement accounting program for logistic issues. To fill in waybill, information about transportation, distance, load, weight, price etc. In our company, four trucks use for transportation goods. Every day, logistic manager formed a list where I can see the truck, personal information about drivers, cargo that they transported and distance (from which city and to which). Daily routine, I provide a waybill for each truck in special program, the name of this program is “1C (transportation)”. It is like a big system that we use for transportation report. Therefore, waybill has a basis not only to account for transport work and write-off of used fuel for the total mileage but also for mutual settlements between the carrier and the customer for the provision of transportation services. After that, when everything is done, I print each waybill where put stamp of our company and driver put his sign. So, you could imagine, for example in June, we had 45 outing that why there is 45 waybills, and one certificate of completion with time period, total amount of fuel, speedometer etc.

The next case which I guess for me was really interesting is to compile documents for loading steamer by organic corn for export to port Klaipeda, Lithuania from port Ochakiv, Ukraine. From the company characteristics, speciallym from environment- market partners and competitirs, you already know that we cooperate with Universal Trade company that based in Lithuania, Vilnius. So, in September we had streamer with organic corn approximately the tonnage was. the cargo we exported frpm U-port ochakiv which based in Ukraine, To port Klaipeda. Some words about the process and documentation, because Ukrainian rules are different from EU, actually. First of all, we define the peculiarity of our export operation, for us it is the usual export of goods. Next we conclude a contract of assignment with the customs broker, which gives him the right to represent our interests in the customs authorities, this is the responsibility of our Deputy Director. Further, together with the customs broker, it determine the code of the UCG FEA (Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity) of the goods, as well as the need for monitoring additional types of control, obtaining permits, certificates of origin, etc.

For a month, before loading the streamer, we sent our organic grain to Germany to test it for pesticides, growth regulators and other nutritiona supplements and soon received a phytocertificate that the product is clean and can be immersed. Our company has two storages that located one of them in Znamenka, Kirovograd region and the other one in Kapustintsy Kiev region. This time, from Kapustintsy storage was exported organic corn. How is going thyis process? Logistic manager order the certain quantity of trucks for transportation of grain. Then, during 10 days, actually, the time line depends on the tonnage of the goods, from storage to U-port Ochakiv we transported load. Meanwhile, while the cargo is being redirected to the port, my aim is to prepared documents.

Firstly, I made contract of commission with the customs broker; then, we made foreign economic agreement (contract) with additional agreements and annexes to it ( helped me our Deputy Director) Moreover, we should to translate it into the state language. After that, I provided transport documents and delivery notes which include CMR, courier's receipt which contains the details of the consignor and the consignee, and also the point of origin and destination, Bill of Lading, loading lists, packing lists, specifications, invoice, proforma – invoice and phytocertificate (which we got from certification organization). When documents are done, we sent it to consignee by post. Our company uses DHL post office, about that you could now more in environmental market part. Therefore, the next part is loading the streamer and forwarding to the Klaipeda port. The shipment is going approximately 3 weeks, the time depends on variety reasons, and for instance, weather conditions in Mediterranean Sea, and it could be line of streamer in Bosphorus strait and Dardanella strait as well.

The next case that I need to solve was preparing bill of lading for cargo where we could know about accepted for carriage or loaded on the ship in such condition and quantity. Besides of loading streamer, as a main feature of our working function, our company loading containers. For this, we also should fill in load report where registered the number of load, truck number, type of truck, supplier’s lot number, lot number, invoice date and number, loading date, customer clearance date, loaded net weight (kg), loaded gross weight (kg), number of big-bags, place of loading, destination, price and total value. Every day the data should be send to leading trading company Doens Food Ingredients. They are check load report and could manage with shipping process. To this task I could add more one, it is controlling over issues related to the customer procedures. Move to the next mission, which was one of the most complicated tasks, not as physical, as morally. The small pre-history of the task. During my internship in the company I had opportunity to see and feel in full what a State Fiscal Service (Ukraine) is. Everyone knows that is really accountable and considerable organization that check utmost documentation for a certain period. However, we recognize that not everything can be as prefect as we consider. The company is not so small and sometimes it is complicated to keep an eye. That is why, we should to verify and fix most of all fault as soon as possible to avoid enormous fines and others problems. Our head accouter gave me an assignment which had to be carried out in the shortest time, during few weeks. I should submit the report of waybill during last 2 years. As I mentioned before, we have a program where recording each day trip of the trucks and official cars. Now I should register the daily waybill on the official car. The information incudes where car went, how many kilometers went by, how much fuel was written off. But, the most important what I need to write is monthly distance schedule which contain organizations, companies and other enterprises is go each day. Tell the truth, due to the huge amount of the same work, my mind was in turmoil. Of course, the fiscal Service passed favorably and our company dot away with it.

During my internship I was responsible for routine staff that doing secretary. I had place in the receptionist. I took calls, correspondence with our clients, partners via internet (mail), moreover, engaged in sending mail by post, made report recording of incoming and outcoming mails. Met our guests, maintained them as well. I adore this process as received great experience in administrative part of business. Sometimes I should translate some documentations; it could be contracts, invoice, different letters from people who contact us and etc. moreover, I mentioned in list of practice case, that I was responsible for the website. I had access to the website, my object was to update the information each month posted our new offers that we can propose to our potential and new customers. There is accounted program, which calls 1C. This program is intended to automate accounting and tax accounting, including the preparation of mandatory (regulated) reporting in the organization. Accounting and tax accounting is conducted in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. The configuration includes a chart of accounts for accounting, corresponding to the Order of the Ministry of Finance of the Ukraine. The structure of accounts, the organization of analytical, currency, quantitative accounting in the accounts comply with the requirements of the legislation on accounting and reporting data in the reporting. I was liable for verifying loading and unloading documents and making reconciliation reports. It means that when we got documents from different enterprises, for instance, new one, I need to register this company, fill in all data about it and making reports for deed.

The next part of the internship was to take responsibilities of our logistic manager and do the half of his job. Therefore, what is consists of his job. As I mentioned before, our company has 4 own trucks which we used for transporting cargo inside Ukraine. Our task is to find freights. There is a special website, where we could find cargo, destination and price, which is suitable for us. Actually, we work with already known transporters. The next step is to make travel request where prescribed number of request, contract number, loading date, freight, destination (from which city and to where), number of truck, consignee and consignor, tonnage and price. Then make a table in excel where write also almost all this information. it is we make for accouter and manager that they can check the information and make deed (responsible accouter) and manager could fill in in 1C program and make waybill for this order. Moreover, I should cooperate with drivers in order to avoid different technical or documentation problems. In addition, they notified me, if they need money for refueling and other changes. For example, during my internship, we have interesting situation, which happened with our driver. He transported iron pipes that were poorly secured and during redirection of the cargo, the driver abruptly braked and the pipes due to their dimensions broke the trailer, which almost hit the truck body where the driver was sitting. So, we need urgently deal with this problem because the order specifies the date of shipment and if truck does not arrive at the right time, we will have to pay a fine and besides, the streamer was loaded, so there was no way out. Сheck new firms and start cooperating with them.

Description of knowledge and skills acquired during practice, and evalution of their efficiency

During my internship in Limited company “Alef” when I was manager in foreign economic activity where used up many job responsibilities, such as, drawing up primary accounting documents, work in the 1C database with a register of work orders, registration invoices and waybills. Thus, I learned how to independently take and process orders for the implementation of commercial repairs of our trucks and road haulage services. The main thing for me that I receive from practice is communication skills, business ethics rules and business correspondence. I became more acquainted with the organizational staff, got familiar with responsibilities and functions of whole agricultural business system. Fortunately, I was involve in completely working process. It is great that I got experience not only in one sphere, like in management, but also in accounting and logistics.

Therefore, knowledge that I received from universities class, additional literatures, exchange in two universities help me to be more educated in some fields. Due to internship in this company, I recognize in which business area will interested for me in future and I can easily tell which department I would choose to apply for Master Degree. The internship uncovers our potential, our capacities to think, solve issues, take into account all trifles, include our creative, logic and thinking outside the box.

18 May 2020
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