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Leadership And Skill In Peace Building

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How can the Buddha’s teaching promote leadership and skills in peace building for the world todays? Please mention 3 sets of concepts and practices as examples and your constructive suggestions. A good leader should have dharma in mind and expressing in daily behavior. Therefore, the 3 sets of concepts and practices that could be adopt from Buddha’s teaching into the leader’s life. We would select 3 sets of concepts as follows: Bramavihara, Ti- Sikka, Me& Mine which would be explained in details

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Bramvihara; Metta (loving and kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita(empathetic joy), Upakka (equanimity). The leader should show compassion and kindness to people, and support each other rather than engage in endless fights. The faithful can help the world restore peace and virtue. Late King rama IX, he gave his kindness (Matta) a feeling of goodwill toward people at all levels. Not select a caste. He has respected and welcome religious lives peacefulness in Thailand. He gave compassion (Karuna) to needy people on hill trip in remote area who plant the illegal marijuana, opium in the boundary zone. He used compromise technique to reduce the planting area and advice new western corps planting which located in his pilot projects. Therefore, villager live more peaceful in well income. He empathetic joy (Mudita) in all kind of people with well acknowledge. He expresses himself in trust everyone in fairness and balancing in equanimity (Upakka). “Those who lead the country with dhamma and follow the principle of sangahavatthu will bring peace to the world as shown by the example of King Rama IX, who was committed to brahmavihara and sangahavatthu, ” said by Somdet Phra Buddhakosajarn, or Prayudh Payutto.

Ti- sikkha ti-sikkhā, in Buddhism, the three types of learning required of those who seek to attain enlightenment. Sila means- right speech, right conduct, right livelihood is morality to get rid of hater), Meditation means – right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration is the direction to rid of greed, wisdom means- right view, right intention to delete the delusion. Thai cave rescues issues was good example for Ti – sikkah, Coach Ake as a good leader who was the former monks that was protected his fellow by providing the right speech to encourage team in stay in clams (Sila), then he leaded the team into meditation to less movement to restore energy (Meditation). Last he brought his team to find a survivor solution step by step (Wisdom). “He taught the boys in the cave to do their meditation, the first time the English divers found them, the boys were meditating. The students told the rescuers that Akeake taught them how to do meditation to preserve the ¬energy in their bodies. Reported by Australia press.

Me & Mine –to get rid of self-view. Which allows to see the feeling are impermanent and that suffering and not self (anatta) are illusory (Maya). From top super model of Thailand to Venerable Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta is the spiritual leader of Thailand Founded on the Buddhist principles of love and compassion, Sathira-Dhammasathan. The compassionate Buddhist nun, has taken a breathtaking journey from her former days as a top ten model to her every day of helping others and living a life of peace and true beauty of life.

Lastly, the leader need to pay deep in mind on 3 sets of concepts and practices of Buddha’s teaching. Therefore the mindfulness team and wellness society would be happen.

18 March 2020

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