Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost

Is space travel worth the money and time and effort? Shpuld we really pay so much attention to it? In a paper "Space exploration worth the cost" an author is briefly answer this question. There are many claims people can make to take either side. There are many reasons for both sides.

One reason that we should go to space is that it can earn money for our economy. Nasa could also make money from new technology such as new space technology and new medical technology. An example was helping cure people with osteoporosis and how to prevent it from happening. Kennedy said that was a big problem. People could possibly have their life saved by these new types of medical technology. It would less of a risk because the people in space would test out the technology and make sure that it is safe for humans on earth to use.

Another reason supporting the argument would say that it's the same as planes. How people thought that they would be dangerous. It can help humans learn about the environment around us. This can help the scientist learn about air quality. On page 187 Kennedy talks about new machines for astronauts that can help children who are suffering from eye defects.

On the other side, space exploration is very expensive and could be used for other things in the country. America would be spending tons of money building the rockets and rocket fuel.

The space race has also become stronger which may lead to America spending more money than they are needed. America is planning to build the largest booster in the world. People would be mentally affected on their voyage. Our microbes in our bodies are not made for space exploration. Studies have also shown that people start to become rigid in these states of being confined to a small area.

In conclusion, both sides both have very valid points such as we should help people by advancing our medical technology and space technology. And how we could learn about the environment around us. The other side also has very good points such as the mental state of the astronauts could become very bad and they could become rigid. The effects of weightlessness could have effects on them. America could also make great new discoveries by doing such a voyage. There is also a conflict with would the astronauts even be able to survive in a spaceship for that long without running out of air or something going wrong during flight or launch. They could be breathing poor air quality inside of the spaceship.

08 December 2022
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