Jimmy Carter Became President Because Of Jordan Speech

Barbara C. Jordan was the first African American, southern woman in the United States House of Representatives. Barbara C. Jordan was a prominent figure of the Democratic National Convention where she delivered the keynote address. The purpose of her speech was to assemble the residents of the United States to vote for the Democratic Party since their belief was in the grounds for a nationwide society could be built. What is the Democratic Party? The Democratic Party is one of the two most important political parties in the United States. Democrats fight for an equal and fair America. She encouraged unity and equality between everyone. She explains how the future could possibly be if the people of the United States would come together. She explains to her audience how complex it would be to develop a national society while giving them the duty to do so in order for the country to suffer no more.

Her speech was concerning the improvements and changes needed to be made in the Democratic which would lead to a better future where all residents would be treated fairly and as equals. The new world would be grounded on a joint effort for all not on a person’s needs. Her speech invited Americans to stand and take control of their future and to stop regarding themselves as individuals. She believes that everyone needs to be involved in society so that everyone could be included as one and everyone’s voice could be heard. She is asserting in her speech that America is the nation for and of the people and the people must contribute for the future to be better. She says that thinking as one makes America look forward to a great danger that will not be one nation, but instead an assembly of relevancy of groups. Jordan’s speech was effective because Jimmy Carter was elected president.

Jimmy Carter served as the thirty-ninth president of the United States. During the time Jimmy Carter presented his speech, America was experiencing critical problems such as gas shortages, high oil prices, limited energy, decreasing wages, and inflation. The purpose of Jimmy Carter’s speech was to address the nation about being confident in the future and for Americans to elect him as the next president. According to his speech, he wanted everyone to make changes so there could be energy. He proposed his concepts and strategies to fix the energy crisis in America by creating a series of points and procedures to warrant that America could get back on track and make it through the energy crisis.

Even though the energy calamity was a foremost issue that Carter wanted to address, he noticed America stomaching a deeper ethical issue. He wanted to make his point to the nation that there was indeed a “crisis of confidence”. He believed he could reestablish Americas faith in itself, to create a unified nation and advance the nation’s confidence. In my opinion, I believe Jimmy Carter was not successful in getting Americans to become unified, because he still didn’t win the next election and we are not treated fully as equals. The problem in which he had was his tone toward the people. Instead of him being more so like, Barbara, he blames the nations struggles on bad attitudes and no confidence. He emphasizes with the people but fails to address the actual problems of jobs and oil prices. When reading the middle of the speech, Carter was criticizing the American people for being optimistic of their country’s future. He addresses consumerism while also criticizing voter attendance. He urges the people to conserve more and complain less.

In the last section of his speech, he outlines his policy ideas on energy. Such proposals follow a common theme such as conservation. He initiated import limitations, promising to not ever again use more foreign oil than how much was used in 1977. He pushes Congress to demand the nation’s utility companies to stop oil use by 50 percent over the next 10 years. He requested that every state, city and individual use less and preserve more. He believes all of this will put America back on the right track. Carter addressed Jordan’s concerns when it came to making America unified. They were both trying to rally the people for the better of America. They believed that America could do tremendously better as a collective unit. I believe they were not talking about the same problems. Based or Barbara C. Jordan’s speech and Jimmy Carter’s speech, I do believe Carter was not a successful president in getting American individuals united. 

07 July 2022
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