Key Features Of Good Quality Job Description & Ways Thay Can Be Used

Key features of good quality job description

Job description of any company is in a written form which gives a detail explanation about the specific task. It includes job identification, job objective, roles and responsibilities and performance evaluation. This essay will highlight the important features of good quality job descriptions and varieties of ways it can be used. The key features of the good quality job descriptions contain:

  • Job summary overview – it include a brief statement which clearly defines goals and objectives of the organization.
  • General information such as job title, classification and location should be briefly and accurately described to set goals.
  • Outline the main responsibilities and duties of the job in much simpler form to make it easy for the job seekers.
  • A company description is well defined, this allows applicants to know about our company that they are willing to work for.

A good quality job description should include all the essential skills, experiences and qualification that it seek in an employee for a particular post.

Provide as much information about work hours, travel requirements and working conditions.

A good quality job description should clearly mention the salary range, benefits and incentives.

Ways in which job description can be used

As mention Job description is the piece of written form which gives a detail explanations about the specific task of the recruited post about their roles and responsibilities and plays an important role in guiding both employees and employer. It makes sure that your staffs duties are align with the company vision and outline to applicants their role and responsibilities. Job description is not only benefited to employer but it’s most required to employee in knowing what they should do in advance.

Job description is one of the important statements of the company towards the employee and it can be used in different ways. In basic level it can be seen as most help to the recruitment team during selection process of the new employees by going through its pre determined task to be performed which assess the applicants if they are suitable for the position or not . It also help in formulating questions for the interview process, thus it can be said that it is a legal statement binding contract of employee.

By going through the JD employee can be prepared what should be done and set goal ahead. After the joining of the employees JD still play important role. It helps the management for the valuation of the employees job performance, they will basically compare the jotted down requirement of the employee’s in JD and their achievement consequently it is a factor to determine the compensation package for the employee and decision making for the promotion of the employee. It is a basis for performance management. If there is gab between the JD requirement and their performances, here JD plays important role in formulating training and development plans. They determine area in need of training and development when expectations are not being met. Foremost its setting expectations, in the sense that job description clearly shows what position one should accomplish, especially with new hire and they will understand what is expected from them. Therefore job description is not only a formalities for the company to maintained and prepared but it has lots of important roles in firm as well for the employee.

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03 December 2019
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