Kinesiology as the Beginning of a Physical Therapist's Career Path

The major I am taking on is kinesiology. The term kinesiology is defined by the study of the movements of the body or mechanics of the body. Kinesiologist are people who study all of these movements in people and put those studies to work like in public education such as teaching and in research like a laboratory setting. 

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I would like to use this degree to become a licensed Physical Therapist. Physical therapy and kinesiology have a close relationship to each other. Essentially one may think they are one in the same, however there are small differences between the two that provide different results when applied separately. As a combined effort physical therapy and kinesiology work to heal the muscles and joints of the body, recreating movements perfectly as they were before injury or in some cases as closely as one can get to a perfect function. First one must understand where the lone is drawn between the two fields and how they balance each other to create desirable results in a patient. Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy used to identify and correct internal issues to relieve stress, allergies, and pain.

For a sociology major Humanities is important. An accountant major would with no doubt need Liberal arts. What about a kinesiology major? Would any of these be helpful or necessary? The answer to that question is yes. However, they would not need both Humanities and Liberal arts only one of the two. Liberal arts is the one that covers most topics that an kinesiology major with have to deal with. Only because it covers physical sciences which basically is what kinesiology is all about. Kinesiology is the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement.   

With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology there is very minimal careers you can choose from such as coaching or any of the nutritional background careers, but it can help you get into graduate level education programs such a physical therapy school, athletic training programs, and medical school. These programs are aimed towards careers that make money and that have kinesiology as the basis of those careers.

Some of the career paths that are available after ending a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology are: Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Sport psychology, Biomechanics, Athletic training, and even medicine. These career paths are usually at a graduate level, which means you have to spend more time in school and for some apply to very elite programs.

So, to work as a Physical Therapist I’m planning to end a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. Overall, Physical Therapists are also health professionals who help rehabilitate patients of all ages and sexes. Physical therapists help patients manage their pain and improve their movement or flexibility.

07 July 2022

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