Love And Its Transcendent Forms: Love So Divine Love

love is transcendent and it goes beyond our senses. People have different views and concepts of love, but divine love among others is enduring, universal and unconditional, similar to the love demonstrated by God to His creations through Jesus. Love is a never-ending source of amazement to me, what is it capable of, and what it can achieve and go through. Love has the power to go beyond the limits of space and time, and even after death. A loved one’s demise does not stop us from loving them. We can’t simply let go of our love for them just because they are no longer with us.

Love has the power to encourage extraordinary things in very ordinary people, acts of loyalty, and self-sacrifice that go far beyond the normal call of duty and it thoroughly narrated by the love story of Gregory Pedro Kim and Bon Yang “Boni” when he chose their love over his divine duty to be ordained as a Priest. Noting of course that the greater the love, the greater the loss when we have to lose that person whom we poured that love to. Sometimes there are situations where people find themselves hating the person they love or the things they do. Gregory Pedro Kim did hate Bon Yang “Boni” and everything she does. But maybe it is not hate; maybe it is just irritation and a beginning of love. He notices even the little things and maybe deep down he asks himself why he have to notice them and couldn’t find the answer. He noticed everything because those little things begged to be noticed, because he is bound to find the beauty in them. And that makes them build a special connection. Even William Shakespeare agrees when he said “Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart. If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind. ”There is the case when hatred turns to love, when we begin to appreciate and accept the flaws of a person, we then develop a better understanding of that person. It may or may not develop into love in the long run because love and hate is co-existing forces. That’s why when Gregory Pedro “Kim” bonds with Bon Yang “Boni”, they create a special bond and hatred turned to affection into love.

We should take responsibility of our actions because it always goes with a consequence. When Gregory Pedro Kim isn’t sure of what he really wants, feeling that choosing their love is a mistake and breaking a commitment to God and that it is a grave sin; but he contemplates and embraced the consequence of his decision. He chose to continue with a love he found. It goes the same in life; we should always choose what will make us happy because in the long run, that’s what we would settle for. The decision is always upon us. This is the understanding that the essence of divine can be discovered deep within your own soul. In other words, your body, complete with its physical, emotional, and mental capabilities, encourage you towards the essence of divine to have deeper connection to it. It is the soul to hold on of your divine essence. And it is the soul that is essential to the beginning of your good intentions, which opens the door to sincere change through the union of your body, mind, heart, and soul. Divine Love is the greatest gift that any person can have. With the love I can have the power against emptiness, sadness, which has the ability to transform it into my happiness and my strength. And love has the power to change the world into a better form. Love should never be rushed, true love waits for those who have patient souls and if God joins two souls together, He will never let that love perish.

18 May 2020
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