Methods And Techniques For Time Management

Nowadays, people are struggling to do it all – work, family, extra activities, hobbies, etc. We have so much to do and so little time to make it all happen. Time management has become even more of a challenge. That said, there are new and improved resources and techniques to help manage time.

Time Management Apps

There are various time management apps that are now available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps have truly revolutionized how HR managers operate. The apps can help boost overall productivity and ensure that employees are doing what has to be done. Some new apps that have been introduced include Toggl and Rescue Time among many others. In 2019, most HR teams will implement the use of time management apps to offer some help to employees and managers alike. Whether you need to keep to company’s calendar in order, whether you need help keeping distractions away from the workforce, or if you need to organize the to-do list, the apps will enable human resource managers to have a firmer grasp on how work time is utilized.

Separate Channels for Internal Communication

If it needs to be done today, then today it must be done. The past decade has introduced incredible channels for internal communications such as Hive, Slack, and Hangouts, and countless others. These apps enable swift and easy communications among teams. However, they can sometimes be distracting and noisy. In the coming year, HR teams will practice separate channels for each departments as well as general office memos. Companies will need to consider creating a separate channel dedicated solely to random chatter such as personal anecdotes and non-workplace talks. Implementing a separate and muted space for this random chatter will allow the main channels to remain uninterrupted and productive without causing any harm to the firm’s culture.

Stand-up Meetings

As the name suggests, stand-up meetings are meetings conducted while everyone remains standing. This type of meeting has grown in popularity over the last few years and some top companies have already started to conduct stand-up meetings. The meetings should be held at the beginning of the day and should last up to 15 minutes. The meetings can take place anywhere and everyone will be able to see everyone else. The main aim of this trend is to distribute important information and make quick decisions. This strategy will also promote team building as they offer a chance to go around the room and get everyone’s perspective and results. Everyone’s exact dilemma can be ascertained – the meetings are and will remain ideal for daily briefings and team catch-ups. Traditional meetings tend to drag and waste a lot of company time. This is not juts due to the laid-back approach but also due to people going off-topic. It’s not easy to shorten meetings, especially when a participant strays from the planned agenda. Implement stand-up meetings to waste less working time and increase productivity.

18 March 2020
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