The Benefits Of Spending My Time Wisely

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I have always lacked the ability to spend the right amount of time on the right activity. Even with the negative consequences of my procrastination, I never put any effort to reconsider my attitude. However, this year I decided to make some changes to avoid misusing my time. “Why don’t you start writing down your schedule ahead of time” I remember telling myself at the beginning of this academic year. My goal was to be able to properly manage my time and see if it positively impacts any aspect of my life.

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The benefits of practicing time management are undoubtedly noticeable to me. Comparing my current grades to last years’, I can see the academic improvements. “How did I do this?” I ask myself while analyzing my new study methods. By prioritising my tasks while avoiding distractions such as social media, I am now able to keep up with my studies better. As of this academic year, I have been assigning specific time slots to activities as per their importance. Through effective planning as well as setting deadlines for myself, I now strive to complete everything ahead of the actual deadlines. These were all the essential part of my time-management progress because not only I anticipated better grades, but also I preferred to be more self-disciplined as an individual. Feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities was always a struggle for me but now, I am more assertive productive.

It is evident to me how practicing time-management has enhanced my overall well-being and quality of life. With the existence of countless sources of distractions, my focus had unconsciously been constantly shifted from one subject to another, which caused me to be significantly stressed about school. One study even suggests being stressed can indirectly affect students’ performance in school. Since I started to track my time more accurately, I had spare time to try meditation. Studies show that meditation can minimize mental and psychological distress. Meditating during the past couple of months has sharpened my attention span and aided me to organize my thoughts better.

These personal transformations also contributed to my academic progress, as I am more in charge of my day-to-day schedule. “Why didn’t I meditate sooner?” I ask myself and the answer is I never recognized how proper scheduling will result in a healthy balance between my academic and personal life. Also, because I was young and naïve, I did not recognize the importance of time management. “Look at you becoming a responsible adult” I tell myself as I critique the efficacy of my meditative mindset.

Undeniably, spending my time wisely has had several positive impacts in my life. I now know how to approach stressful situations and how much time needs to be devoted to a particular task. Improving my newly learnt skills, all of which are attained by proper time management, has shaped me into a more self-reliant, focused, confident and productive person. It is no shocker that I regret not making this change couple of years ago but better late than never.

31 October 2020

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