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My Aspiration To Become A Management Professional

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In the fast globalising world, the competition between companies and their products have increased a lot. They are all boosting up to gain an edge above their competition. All companies of the world are trying to capture national as well as international market. Due to this increasing competition the demand of management professionals has emerged to an extreme in the recent years.

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I have successfully completed my Bachelors in engineering degree in computers from Mumbai University which is considered to be one of the most prestigious Universities in India. While pursuing my Bachelors, I realised that having Technical skill will not suffice the aim of having a strong career in today’s world. Apart from the technical knowledge, one needs to have the proper knowledge of the management skills. I have an aim to achieve a great height in the field of business management and an urge to pursue an MBA degree. My career aspirations are not childhood dreams but rather a work of consistent absorption of knowledge and learning about the domain As it is rightly said that “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”. While growing up, I used to be a lot curious about things, revisiting the years gone by, I ask myself this very question every day, “What are my goals and what should I do to achieve them?” this question keeps me going, it helps me keep my curve increasing, not always linearly but increasing nonetheless, and with the help from the right people, it will increase exponentially.

This course will help me in the study for personal development reasons I want to acquire critical knowledge which can be apply in the workplace and which will help to manage more effectively in an ever evolving surrounding. There are the skills needed by accountants, engineers, nurses, lawyers, technicians, and others to move up and excel in their organisation. People often discover that their original, specialized or perhaps technical qualifications do not prepare them to manage complex situations and people. . These people often enrol in a MBA as a way of supplementing existing specialist skills with a range of general management skills. Considering it a method of increasing their skills and boosting their qualifications in order to take on these new roles more efficiently and confidently. ‘We never stop learning because Time never stops teaching. ’ I am not afraid of transcending into different fields and exploring the variety offered by the world. The copious domains of research your institute offers will not only bolster my erudition but will also prepare me for the intense competition the industry holds. I am also rather excited about your university’s exquisite infrastructure and studying in Canada whilst being a part of its heart-warming community is a vivid dream. I am confident that this juncture would give me the necessary push and momentum and will accelerate the steps towards my aspired career.

After going through your website I found that by taking MBA at your esteemed University, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance, characteristic of the culture. It would also help me to learn global standards in this field and become aware of International competition, which according to me would be a great help for me to make a impactful contribution in the field of Business. Your university with its unique graduate program in MBA and with its commitment to foster intellectual excellence is remarkable and attractive to embark upon an academic career.

I always had the desire to study in Canada for the reason that the colleges and universities provided world class education. The Canadian degree is globally recognised. The quality of the education is amongst the highest in the world, but the tuition fees and the cost of living is generally lower in compare to others countries. Canada is also known for his friendly and the open nature towards the international students. The students from all across the world mostly select Canada as their place of study which helps to experience the multicultural environment. Canada’s post-secondary campuses aren’t only equipped with the state of the art technology, but countless other amenities and infrastructures as well.

I am confident that I will be able to capably handle the academic challenges your program will present. I thus have my objective clearly in mind, the will to excel and an established potential to succeed. Your Master’s program in Business Administration will provide me with a vital stepping-stone to professional competence and to the fulfilment of my dream and I will do my utmost to earn it.

29 April 2020

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