Self Discovery: My Journey to Understanding Myself and the World Around

In this paper "My Journey Of Self Discovery Essay Examples" we will talk about why self discovery is important and why we need to do it. High school has taught me about myself, and that is the most important lesson I could have learned. This metamorphosis has taken me from what I used to be to what I am now. I used to be quiet and shy, not wanting to expose my inner self; not wanting to speak up for what I thought was correct and just for my confidence was stolen and my inquisition was ignored and I felt usurped. I used to live deep down inside, coming out only when I felt it was absolutely safe. When I thought nobody was around, I would venture out of my little world, and at the first sign of conflict or despair, I would race back into my own private cocoon where I felt protected and secure. I would never speak about what was on my mind. I was afraid that someone would criticize me or tell me I was wrong. I cared too much about what others thought and didn't pay attention to my own perception of myself. I was vigilant but quiet, I wasn’t vague but in a turmoil. I used to implicit my thoughts without being noticed.

Now I am no longer afraid to voice my opinion, and let the world know how I feel for I took time to educate my own self and maintain my emotional stability transformed very own self when everyone else failed to provide the help. I self learned that it is not a tragedy to fail at something as long as you have learned from your mistakes. By finding the courage to believe in myself I have become steady and strong. While the thought of a challenge used to terrify me, it now gives me the tenacity to work even harder and overcome the obstacles that stand in my way. I have realized that the ideas I have hidden in the past can now contribute to the world. It has been a long journey of self discovery and recovery, but I am now secure in who I am.

I have my own way of thinking, my own likes and dislikes, and my own morals and ideas. And I am not easily swayed. I am extremely open with my emotions and try not to hold anything back. Now, who I appear to other people is who I am, nothing held back. Along with my shift in values, I understand that there is a lot worse that can happen than doing something embarrassing. Life is too short to worry over every little thing. Also, at the risk of sounding conceited, I have to say that I love the person that I have become.

Now I also have this numerical pattern that correlates with whatever I observe in the world around me. One of the most important characteristics distinguishing man from all other forms of nature is his knowledge of transitoriness, of beginning and end, and therefore of the gift of time. In man, transitory life attains its peak of animation, of soul power, so to speak. To man, time is given like a piece of land, as it were, entrusted to him for faithful tilling; a space in which to strive incessantly, achieve self-realization, move onward and upward. Yes, with the aid of time, man becomes capable of wresting the immortal from the mortal. Deep down, I believe and deem such belief natural to every human soul — that in the universe prime significance must be attributed to this earth of ours.

Deep down, I believe that the creation of the universe out of nothingness and then of life out of inorganic state ultimately aimed at the creation of man. I believe that man is meant as a great experiment whose possible failure by man’s own guilt would be paramount to the failure of creation itself. So in order to succeed in your life you have to believe in yourself and never give up despite any calamities and hardships life throws at your face.

15 July 2020
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