My Dedication To Become A High Commissioner

Passion provides us with the base to grow into successful contributors of society. I am passionate about experiencing new cultures, being trendy and relating to people. My professional and voluntary experience have exposed me and broadened my horizons by providing opportunities to network and learn about people, systems and governments. For example: The union of Liberian Organization (ULO-UK) heard of my work with the Tony Blair Institute and my mentorship initiative of young girls and invited me as a keynote speaker to give a presentation on “Leadership and Management” at a Women’s Empowerment Conference. While in London, I met with Professor Engobo Emeseh, phd. Head of the school of law at the university of Bradford who presented the topic “Educating a Girl”. Given our shared interest, we began chatting on women’s rights and abuse in West Africa. We spoke of our roles as influencers in creating better approaches for our countries to tackle the issue.

Serving as a mentor to young girls at the Rising Youth Mentorship Initiative, an organization that transforms young women into future leaders through its book club, sexual and sanitation awareness classes, and mind building activities, has helped fill my knowledge gab and increased my drive for pushing young people to reach their full potential. As maintaining relationships in a professional capacity, I look for something deeper than a power-based agenda. I develop an arsenal of commitment to excellence, going the extra mile, maintaining trust, mutual respect, open communication, welcoming diversity and making myself available to others. Not only my department.

Working as a general manager for Genius Travel and Tours, multitasking was a norm. Staffs were to balance competing demands for their time and focus. I had to complete my managerial duties within a time frame while taking calls and sitting in for absent employees. It was challenging but giving up was never an option for me. My deadlines were always met, and office efficiency and customer service were improved through my idea of capacity building and communication. Implementation is possible. I believe one gets more productive when there is a flow of communication and a good working relationship. Engaging in conversations and not being afraid to step out of your box is a major milestone in implementing networking skills. I am passionate about politics and globalization.

My future goal is to become a high commissioner representing my country in a stationed foreign capital. I envisioned myself in a higher level of leadership. Hence, my desire to pursue a higher education and gain increase experience.

15 July 2020
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