Discussion About Personal Professional Goals

Through life's encounters, I have come to understand that the economy influences nearly everything on the planet. Newspapers devote more features to financial issues in contrast with different subjects. This has prompted the acknowledgment that without a decent steady economy, the world could tumble to its knees, for instance, the Wall Street breakdown of 1929 and the more present money related crisis that began in 2007. These components have affected my choice to study Finance at university. In this personal professional goals essay I will share what goals I want to achieve and why. 

During the years of my high school study, I have taken various courses in Marketing, Finance, and Business Management. This has presented me to the different parts of the Finance field and set me up to accomplish my professional goals.

The most critical effect on my life has been my parents. They have urged me to adopt more consistently, consequently, ingraining in me a desire to know beyond what is clear and a drive to contemplate more than what was requested by my secondary teachers. These propensities not only helped me significantly in my academic interests but also expanded my hunger for knowledge; however, I guaranteed that I was among the best in all my classes.

It is a common observation that people who travel around the world gain a lot more experience than those who keep themselves limited to a particular country or area. While traveling, we learn a lot from different nations and cultures. As a part of my professional career goals, I aim to travel the whole world to explore new opportunities and learn new skills to utilise them whenever I need them. Apart from the financial factor, I will gain more experience and self-confidence along with the art of entrepreneurship through these activities. So, once I get the degree, I see bundles of opportunities and a bright future for myself ahead.

As I pursue this program, I have specific goals to achieve in the future. My main goal after I complete the program is to find a high spot in an international firm. It will provide me with an environment where intellectuals from all over the world work at one platform. So, curiosity to learn more advanced fields in Finance will be fulfilled to a certain level. In response, I will bring my innovative ideas to the company and give my best to my area of concern to take it to the next level. I now accept that pursuing in the UK for my undergraduate degree is the perfect next stage for me. The UK gloats the most renowned education framework around the world. I am excited to additionally build up my establishment of knowledge, the patterns, and practice of Finance, obtaining from incredibly famous teachers while cooperating with top students around the globe.

Outside of class, I had a temporary position at a company, which demonstrated among my most developmental learning encounters. I worked at Cloverleaf Pizza Company (Domino's Pizza), where I successfully finished several management training with Domino's Pizza. I also provided superior customer service to new and existing Domino’s customers.

Overall all these experiences are still not enough to satisfy my pursuit of connecting to new people and new learning avenues. I always feel I have barely scratched the surface of the gold mine of insights that knowledge holds. Then again, when I consider the accountancy to be a lifelong career option, I always feel that I am made for it and will ace it to the degree under the direction of your regarded university.

08 December 2022
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