A Story About Myself

In this paper "A Story About Myself Essay" we will talk about a journey of my life and which obstacles were in the way. I wish to begin the personal statement by sharing a story about myself. I have wanted to be an Attorney since I attended high school. However, some of my decisions in life took me away from what I most desired to accomplish for myself. The relentless doubt, fear, and questions of “Am I good enough?” always clouded my judgment. Happiness is the essence of life. To really be happy one must choose a life filled with the things that fill their heart with joy

Approximately 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to complete my Bachelor’s. My children were getting older and I wanted to show them that age was only a number and anything can be accomplished if you work for it. I come from a family of hard workers. My grandparents were not overly educated but they were successful and smart. My parents are very well-educated and hardworking individuals. Instilling in me a desire to never give up. Both having grown up in the harsh city of Chicago my father went to the army and married my mother after high school. Even though their marriage did not last. I watched how each of them handle adversity and triumphed through it.

I remember being told by my father that my daughter while visiting him in Arkansas, she had negotiated a contract signing with my son, in regards to him washing dishes and I knew then that my definite calling was to become an Attorney. Recognizing I could leave my indelible mark on the world for my children to relish. Then enlightened enough to know these marriages nearly shattered my existence. I became less of myself each time. Losing all my self desires and making my life all about my family and their needs. Balancing life and love is often difficult at times. I have come to realize that my time is now. Now that I have raised 2 children and faced adversity head-on throughout my life and 2 marriages. No more waiting and wondering what could have been.

I am at a pivotal point in my life and this decision could not come at a better time. My oldest is in his first year of college and my youngest is one year away. I know that I have done the absolute best I could for them and I now need to do the best for myself. As I reflect on my life and understand that my legacy can be greater than what I have accomplished thus far. Seeing how my actions have influenced my children is inspirational on a daily basis. I have done phenomenal things, but there is a thirst to accomplish more. I bought my first house at 22 years of age and 5 more before I turned 28. I ran for Mayor of Maywood in 2013 at the age of 35 and was highly regarded as someone that they wanted to run in the next election of 2017. Once again choosing family first and wanting a better education for my children, I uprooted my life and moved to Naperville, Illinois in 2013 after my Mayoral loss. Later I was recruited and ran for delegate in the 2018 Presidential election. My life experiences, trials, and joys make me the compassionate strong-willed person that I am today. These are the things I contribute to what I consider will make me a great Law student and Lawyer.

My litigious ways and the daily script in my life have been law and order, facts, and fairness. I am an advocate for justice and doing the right thing. I get incredible joy out of challenging what I consider unfair, unjust, and discriminatory practices no matter the recipient. I think there is beauty in speaking truth to power and making those powers accountable for their actions. I have pursued several Pro Se cases and won a vast majority and many of my losses should have gone in my favor. However, making a decision based on confidence and lack of knowledge, like declining a closing argument has cost me, but taught me a lot as well. Every judge I have argued in front of was thoroughly impressed and complimented my ability.

I hope this essay speaks to the person that I am and impresses upon you the type of law student I intend on being. I have never wanted anything more in my life. I have had this vision in my head for over 20 years. Destiny is ordained by God and this is only through his divine intervention that I write this essay explaining how I know I was destined to be an Attorney. I am excited about this opportunity and I hope you can see me enrolled in Northern Illinois University College of Law Fall of 2019.

10 September 2019
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