My Desire To Succeed As A Doctor

I wish to study medicine because I have a love for the sciences and I believe I have the skills to succeed as a doctor. I wish to explore multiple branches of medicine within my studies at university to fully examine the choices of specialities. I have spoken to doctors at conferences, talking through case studies and ethical considerations. They highlighted that medicine is both highly rewarding and highly demanding of the individual. I arranged a work experience placement with my local hospital and was shown first-hand the realities of being a doctor.

The placement in the Obstetrics and gynaecology department was highly diverse, ranging from antenatal clinic to a caesarean section which is informative in regards to the daily life of a doctor. I witness a doctor dealing with the highly sensitive subject matter of s couple’s sudden miscarriage. The doctor was able to be empathetic and informative to the couple, making sure they had time to grieve and fully understood all options available for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement there, many of the patients were quite enjoyable to talk to, showing an emphasis on both the emotional and physical wellbeing of the patient when under care. Within my biology A-levels, we discussed the potential implementation mandatory vaccination within the UK, while this would provide an effective herd immunity there is the ethical implication of withdrawing a person’s right to autonomy. In psychology, we studied how drugs can treat mental disorders. I often read NHS behind the headline to fully understand and expand my knowledge on the medical field.

The Medics society in school allows me to discuss advancements in medicine and ethical considerations of them with aspiring medics people. Outside of my curriculum, I have continued to volunteer in my school’s library for many years which involves overseeing the students at lunch and break times as well as helping both students and teachers use the facilities in the library. I’m often aiding students with taking out and returning books as well some computer issues that can often occur. Due to the size of the library, I oversee a team of student librarians which demands teamwork and organisation of roles especially when we plan events such as the termly film club.

Furthermore, I have recently been assigned a teacher’s assistant role for several classes in year 7 within free periods. During the lessons, I do have the knowledge to help them with their classes. This role requires effectively communicating ideas and instructions in their level of understanding. In the summer, I completed an expedition with true adventure, this involved me taking a leadership of the team for a day as well as working together to better the communities we were partnered with in Tanzania. In my leisure time, I often indulge in extra reading around my subjects as well as medicine. Adam Kay’s “this is going to hurt” gave a humorous but humbling inside view of a junior doctor and has further driven my interest into medicine. Besides being the science prefect, I oversaw a STEM club for KS3 students as well as participating in a Go4SET competition. This helped me progress my public speaking skills.

Medicine is a career that is always changing, with every new possibility to learn something new. I understand that there will be many hardships in medicine, for example, the long hours and the emotion and physical strain. The decision to study medicine is not one to be taken lightly. However, the chance to see that I have helped someone’s life, first hand and see the positive effect I have had on their lives has further motivated me to pursue this degree.

11 February 2020
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